Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum meets to communicate, celebrate, and explore together in ways that align leadership from deans and directors to the senior team, keep the working theories - big ideas, in front of everyone, and connect the dots between projects and issues and the overall strategy and narrative.

The co-chairs of the Leadership Forum rotate every two years among the VP of Organization Development & HR, the VP of Business Operations & Finance, and the VP of Student Affairs.

Council Officers 2018-19

Loren Bender, Co-Chair
VP, Business Operations & Finance

Amy Bosley, Co-Chair
VP of Organizational Development & HR

Kari Makepeace, Council Coordinator
Coordinator of Academic Planning & Support

Past Council Officers

2018-19: Kim Sepich, VP, Student Affairs
2017-18: Loren Bender, VP of Business Operations & Finance
2016-17: Amy Bosley, VP of Organizational Development & HR
2015-16: Joyce Romano, VP of Educational Partnerships


The Leadership Forum is comprised of all administrators, the full Faculty Council, and Staff Association representatives.


The Leadership Forum meets three times per year (fall, spring, summer). The meeting dates and locations for 2018-19 are provided below. Please note that these meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

Meeting Dates Meeting Times Location Meeting Type
June 19, 2019 1:00 - 4:00pm School of Public Safety, Auditorium Regular Meeting