Learning Council

The Learning Council is responsible for leading the college’s work toward achievement of the core mission – learning – and to coordinate strategies related to collegewide curricular initiatives and learning support systems to meet the goals of the Impact Plan.

Visit the Learning Council SharePoint for more information.

Click here for the SharePoint folder containing the Learning Council's Work Plans.

Learning Council Members

Role Name Title
Co-Chair Danny Hoey Jr. Provost, WEC
Co-Chair Michael Robbins Past President, Faculty Council;
Strategic Council Fellow, Year 2
Member Mike Bosley Executive Dean, LNC
Member Marsha Butler Faculty, New Student Experience, WEC
Member Mark Collins Dean, Social Science, EAC
Member Sarah Dockray Librarian, OSC
Member Amy Downs Instructional Lab Supervisor, WEC
Member Dori Haggerty Campus Dir, Faculty & Inst Dev, WEC
Member Jennifer Lawhon Professor, Mathematics, EAC
Member Linda Neal Dean, Communications, EAC
Member Chiara Ojeda Professor, English, EAC
Member Ian O'Toole Professor, Computer Programming & Analysis, WEC
Member Ellen Rendle Coord, Program Advisor, WEC
Member Doreen Watson Current President, Faculty Council;
Strategic Council Fellow, Year 1
Past Council Officers

2020-21: Stanton Reed, Professor, Business/Accounting

2019-20: John Niss, Professor, Mathematics

2018-19: Al Groccia, Professor, Mathematics

2018-19: Joan Tiller, Interim VP, Academic Affairs

2017-18: Neal Phillips, Professor, English

2017-18: Susan Ledlow, VP, Academic Affairs & Planning

2016-17: Suzette Dohany, Professor, Speech

2015-16: Carl Creasman, Professor, History