About QEP

The QEP is a long-term, college-wide project focused on improvement, enrichment and enhancement of the student learning experience, and a major part of our reaffirmation process through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), a regional accreditation agency for an eleven-state region.

Every 10 years, Valencia goes through a process of reaffirming our accreditation with SACS. The revised accreditation process is particularly focused on student learning and requires the development a QEP that we will implement over a five-year period. Our plan must be submitted in September 2013.

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) describes a carefully designed course of action that

  • Is well-defined and focused on a topic or issue
  • Is focused on enhancing student learning and/or the environment supporting student learning
  • Is clearly connected to the mission of the college

Our QEP should

  • be embedded within the college's planning and evaluation process
  • evolve from existing work or from emerging concerns about student learning
  • be evaluated based on relevant data

QEP Design Principles

QEP Core Team

QEP: The Next Big Idea to Guide Our Work into the Future

Many of Valencia's current programs and innovative solutions began as commonly held ideas about the way students learn. So, in preparation for the development of Valencia's Quality Enhancement Plan - recognizing that the plan should evolve from existing work - we are focusing on the emerging ideas within the College to build the foundation for this work. Valencia's current Big Ideas have laid the groundwork for us to innovate, create and achieve our mission authentically. Through our discussions, considering what we already know about our students, and by connecting to the national conversation on student completion, it is our hope that these courses of action will produce the emergence of our next "big idea." To find out how you can be involved in creating the next big idea, click "Get Involved" on the navigation bar.

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