Valencia's Roles and Functions

The Transfer Function
A college-level program of general education and specialized courses designed to prepare students to transfer to baccalaureate degree-granting colleges and universities.

The Technical Education Function
Technical college-level programs designed to prepare graduates to enter immediately into the workforce.

The Economic Development Function
Courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, and activities designed to support economic development and meet the needs of the community by preparing students for high-wage, high skill jobs.

The General Education Function
General education courses designed to prepare students for responsible citizenship, for wholesome and creative participation in life activities, and for intelligent decision making.

The Student Services Function
Student Services and activities designed to assist students in assessing and achieving their goals through academic, career, and personal decision making.

The College-Preparatory Function
College-preparatory courses designed to enable students to achieve college-level competency in reading, writing, mathematics, and elementary algebra.