Academic Sustainability

Below you will find our Education for Sustainability Lesson Plans for Destination 2017 and Destination 2018.

Education for Sustainability Lesson Plan

Destination 2018

Professor Name Campus Discipline
Adrienne Mathews West Campus  Political Science
Andrew (A.J.) Lash West Campus  Sociology
Amanda J Norbutus East Campus  Science/Chemistry
Carlos Rossetti West/Osceola Campus   General Biology – Human Biology – Anatomy And Physiology 1
Dezso Bartha East Campus  Humanities
Eunice Laurent Poinciana Campus  Science
Ivan Hristov West Campus  Mathematics
Jen Adams East Campus  Mathematics
Joshua Castro West Campus  Science (Biology & Environmental Science)
Kim Mancas West Campus  Biology
Kinyel Ragland Osceola Campus  Political Science And Intro To Peace Studies
Kirsten M. Holt East Campus  Communications
Lisa Macon West/East Campus  Computer Programming
Michael Moniz Downtown Campus  Speech
Nardia Cumberbatch West Campus  Allied Health
Rachael Root West/East Campus  Anthropology - Ant 2000
Ricrado Silva West Campus  Biology
Ronda Bailey West Campus  Communications
Tom Birol Osceola Campus  Communications
Wendy Wish West Campus  English For Academic Purposes
Will Weiss West Campus  Geological Sciences
Zachary A. Marion Osceola Campus  English/Creative Writing

Destination 2017

Professor Name Campus Discipline
Andrew (A.J.) Lash West Campus  Sociology
Christopher Swafford East Campus  Digital Media
Dana Hankins East Campus  Paralegal Studies
Deana Kalakay East/Lake Nona Campus  Business / NSE
Debby L. Fahey DNP, FNP-BC West Campus  Nursing
Donna Brown Osceola Campus  Reading/Writing
Faulys Ponceano Osceola Campus  Mathematics
Frank Maier Winter Park Campus  Mathematics
James V. Vrhovac West Campus  English
Jim Belcher East Campus  Biology
Peter Furlong West Campus  Philosophy
Radu Bunea West Campus  EET
Richard Williams (Ed.D) East Campus  Student Life Skills (NSE)
Shahin Kanani Lake Nona Campus  Biology
Steven F. Browdy West Campus  Mathematics