Welcome to Valencia's District Board of Trustees!

As a member of the board of trustees, you have a unique opportunity to govern and help Valencia fulfill its mission of serving students. On this site, you will find videos and resources to familiarize you with Valencia's history, culture, operations and student and academic affairs. All videos are segmented by topic and designed to give you a quick overview in five minutes or less, give or take.

This program begins with Valencia's College President Dr. Sandy Shugart, who provides a synopsis of our learning culture, student demographics, our campuses and programs and most importantly a foundation for effective board stewardship. Videos and supplemental resources are provided below. We hope that you find these sessions informative and beneficial during your tenure as a Valencia District Board of Trustee member.

Dr. Sandy Shugart, Valencia College President
Dr. Sandy Shugart

Valencia College President

An Introduction to Valencia

Valencia's Service Districts and Economic Impact

Supplemental Materials

Trustee Stewardship

College Culture and Trustee Involvement

Supplemental Materials

Campus Leadership & Programs

Campus Overview and Culture of Learning

Supplemental Materials

West Campus Leadership and Programs

Supplemental Materials

East Campus Leadership and Programs

Supplemental Materials

Osceola Campus Leadership and Programs

Supplemental Materials