Student Feedback on Instruction (CoursEval)

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Deans can use the following tools to help ensure that the student's feedback is appropriately utilized.

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Instructors can use the following tools to better understand the functions and features of CoursEval.

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Evaluation and Detailed Report Overview (updated info coming soon)

 Four Quick Steps for Adding a CoursEval Link in BlackBoard
Current Pilot Questions:
 2014-2015 CoursEval Pilot Questions
SFI Overview in Spanish
 Evaluación de Curso por el Estudiante

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Administrative Assistants

In the CoursEval system, Administrative and Staff Assistants will be sent a .csv (open in Excel) to verify the courses for their department. Please verify that all of your courses are listed and correct. Once the courses are verified, please notify Institutional Assessment that this step has been completed. In the event that any courses are missing, please contact Institutional Assessment as quickly as possible for assistance.



All students are asked to complete a CoursEval Survey for each class they take. Students should receive an email approximately 3 weeks from the end of the term. This email will include instructions on how to login to the CoursEval system and will also list all of the courses the student is enrolled in. The student's responses are completely anonymous. Instructors will receive a report containing all of their student's responses after grades have been submitted. Instructors will never know which students made which comments.

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  • Student Landing Page (updated info coming soon)
  • Student User Guide (updated info coming soon)

Anonymity and Privacy:
 Anonymity and Privacy FAQ

Survey Submission:
Survey Submission for Students (updated info coming soon)

Send Proof to Instructor:
 How to Send Proof of a Completed Survey to your Instructor

Revise Survey Responses:
 How to Edit Responses submitted on SFI

SFI Overview in Spanish
 Evaluación de Curso por el Estudiante


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