State Assessment Meeting

Programs & Electronic Presentations

June, 2010



2010 Agenda

Ramping Up: Mapping Institutional Student Learning Outcomes to Programs and Courses for Accreditation and Beyond

Jane E. Scott
Lake Sumter Community College

How to Make it Easy for Faculty to Document Embedded Assessment Activities and Use the Results for Program Improvement

Rosiland Humerick
St. Johns River Community College

Transforming Academic Culture at MDC: Faculty Perspectives on Faculty Engagement Strategies and Lessons Learned

Sean Madison
Miami Dade College

Rubric Development

Pat Nellis
Miami Dade College

SACS Accreditation

Responding Effectively to SACS 5th Year Interim Reports

Diane Calhoun-French
Jefferson Community and Technical College

Responding Meaningfully to the Principles of Accreditation

Steve Sheeley & Diane Calhoun-French
Southern Association of Colleges and School; Jefferson Community and Technical College

Developing Quality Enhancement Plans

Steve Sheeley
Southern Association of Colleges and School

Lessons Learned about Learning in the Foundation of Excellence Process

Suzette Dohany & Julie Alexander-Hamilton
Valencia College;
The Policy Center on the First Year Experience

Data Collection and Interpretation

Making Effective Use of CCSSE Data

Jeff Cornett
Valencia College - CANCELLED

Survey as a Tool for IE Data Collection

Kurt Ewen
Valencia College

Closing the Communication Gap: Using Assessment Data to Enhance Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness

Julia Ruengert & John Holder
Pensacola Junior College

A First Look at General Education Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Data

Roberta Brown
Valencia College

Career & Technical Faculty Seminar

Developing and Assessing Program Learning Outcomes in Career and Technical Programs

Helen Clark, Wendi Dew, and Roberta Brown
Valencia College

Facilitated Discussions
Assessment, Accountability, and Improvement: Revisiting the Tension
Session Power Point Presentation

Article by: Peter T. Ewell

Connecting the Dots Between Learning and Resources

Article by: Jane V. Wellman

Three Promising Alternatives for Assessing College Students' Knowledge and Skills

Article by: Trudy W. Banta, Merilee Griffin, Teresa L. Flateby, and Susan Kahn