Faculty and Staff Research

Here we have gathered a few of the articles and research reports that have featured Valencia College and, for some of these, our faculty and staff partnered with the researchers or were participants in the studies.

The Student Financial Wellness Survey (SFWS): Exploring the Connection between Student Finances and Academic Success

In 2020, the Trellis Company conducted the SFWS survey with students and our findings are now available:

 Student Financial Wellness Survey (Inforgraphic)- Fall 2020 

 Student Financial Wellness Survey (School Report)- Fall 2020 

 Student Financial Wellness Survey- Fall 2020 Semester Technical Supplement, Valencia College

Valencia College participated in the SFWS study in 2018 and our findings are included in their 2018 report:  The Student Financial Wellness Survey- Fall 2018 Semester Results.

 Community Resilency Initiative- PJI

The second case study from the Divided Community Project Community Resiliency Initiative was developed in 2018 and tracks the evolution of Orlando Speaks, a collaborative partnership between the City of Orlando, the Orlando Police Department and the Valencia College Peace and Justice Institute (PJI). The effort, which began in 2015, provides a new model for police-community dialogue and relationship building. Drafted by Kristin (Kiki) Grossman, PJI’s Legal Education Action Coordinator, this  case study illustrates how Orlando Speaks connects with the Divided Community Project’s core guidance, Planning in Advance of Civil Unrest.


ideas42: Research Related to Financial Aid

In 2015 researchers from ideas42 conducted studies with Valencia College students focused on behavioral economics interventions in regard to financial aid. Several research briefs emerged from their work.

More to Most: Scaling Up Effective Community College Practices

In 2010 Valencia College was part of the Developmental Education Initiative (DEI) that led to the creation of this guidebook by Abby Parcell at MDC.

Valencia College-Related Research Articles and Reports