Camino a UCF LogoCamino a UCF is a Valencia College – Osceola campus program started in 2013 designed for any student planning to participate in DirectConnect™ to UCF and who intends to major in Business, Hospitality, Psychology/social science, or Criminal Justice. It is a two-year cohort program for first-time college students offered at Valencia College’s Osceola Campus. The program, simply known as Camino, is designed for degree-seeking students who plan to continue their education at the University of Central Florida (UCF) through the DirectConnect to UCF® partnership after graduating from Valencia College.

UCF Mascot PhotoStudents who apply to the program meet the following eligibility criteria: declared DirectConnect to UCF®; majoring in either business, hospitality management, criminal justice, or psychology; enrolled as a full-time student in the fall and spring terms; and committed to participating in a series of co-curricular activities which included workshops on topics such as team building and communication, citation and research, and grammar boot camp. Students also visit the UCF main campus and participate in Spirit Splash (homecoming event), a UCF campus tour, and attend UCF events. This partnership between Valencia College-Osceola and UCF is designed to drive an enhanced pathway from Valencia College to UCF which provided students a more individualized experience though a supportive learning community of peer students, faculty, and staff.


  • Cohort-based experience to create a learning community with high personal commitment
  • Reduce or even eliminate "unknowns" in students' schedule
  • Include meaningful and connected co-curricular experiences
  • Create experiences for students to "feel" like UCF Knights while at Valencia

UCF Mascot PhotoBenefits:

  • Cohort-based enrollment for students wishing to major in psychology, criminal justice, business, or hospitality management
  • Guaranteed schedule at Valencia leading to Associate of Arts with all program prerequisites for major in respective program (psychology, criminal justice, business, or hospitality management)
  • Intentional inclusion of face-to-face, mixed mode, and online courses
  • Dedicated UCF and Valencia Advisors
  • Guaranteed admission to UCF
  • Spirit Splash at UCF
  • UCF Events, e.g. sports and theater
  • Exclusive Tour of UCF Main Campus
  • Workshops conducted by Learning Support teaching practical skills - active reading, brain storming, note-taking, and citations
  • Challenging, immersive, and rewarding undergraduate experience through academic rigor