Faculty Mentors

What is Faculty Mentoring?

Valencia's Faculty Mentor Program is focused on improving student's learning experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. This is achieved by

  1. making sure you understand what you need in order to progress smoothly from your associate degree program of studies to a bachelor's degree and
  2. preparing and equipping you with necessary skills to work in your career fields.

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How do I benefit from being mentored?

There are many benefits to being mentored. Here are just a few:

Students who have been mentored say they

  • gain real-world advice from expert faculty, who encourage and support them.
  • gain academic and social confidence.
  • develop communication and interpersonal skills.
  • feel empowered to make informed decisions about their future.

Will I earn academic credits by meeting with a faculty mentor?

Although you will not receive academic credits for working with a faculty mentor, there are definitely academic benefits if you transfer to a 4-year institution such as UCF. Business majors are required to complete Career Research and Planning courses (GEB series) that prepare students for post college careers. The events and activities you participate in, through the mentoring program, such as skills shops, offer outstanding preparation before you take these courses at UCF.

How much time does it take?

The time it takes to be mentored is really up to you. It starts by meeting with a mentor to discuss your career goals and interests, or to ask questions and receive guidance and information. The events or activities you decide to participate in will require varying amounts of time to complete. For example, your Faculty Mentor might suggest attending a skill shop about communicating in a professional setting, or interviewing skills. One event might be a campus visit to explore a 4-year college, such as S.E.E. UCF. The possibilities are numerous and will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

How do I get started?

To get started, contact a business faculty mentor by completing a short form and providing some brief information about yourself.

What is the difference between a Program Advisor and a Faculty Mentor?

Program Advisors, unlike general academic advisors, provide specialized education and discipline specific guidance. They can answer program-specific questions, and show you how to plan appropriately toward successful completion of your associate degree.
Program Advisors work collaboratively with faculty in each discipline (such as Business Administration) to help you navigate your academic and career pathway.

When should I contact a Program Advisor?

Plan to schedule an appointment with a program advisor as early as possible. Your program advisor is eager to meet with you, and happy to help you avoid potential costly mistakes, and also clear up any confusion you may have about what courses you need to achieve your goals. So, “who is my advisor” you may wonder? Follow these steps to find their contact info:

Login to Atlas → Courses Tab → Student Profile

No contact info listed? Do not worry, head over to the Advising Suite in building 5 where you can meet with a general advisor who can help you determine who your Business Program advisor would be.

When should I contact a Faculty Mentor?

You should contact a business Faculty Mentor if you are interested in pursuing an Associate in Arts Degree in Business. Your mentor can give you guidance beyond successfully navigating your classes. They can recommend activities and events for you to take advantage of outside of your classroom academics, that will strengthen your readiness for the career field and progression to a bachelor's degree program. Faculty Mentors also possess valuable experience in their field and can answer career related questions.