Course Descriptions

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MAT 0020C
Prep Math Intensive

MAT 0018C
Developmental I
(formerly known as MAT0012 Pre-Algebra),

MAT 0018N
Intensive Mathematics Tutorial

MAT 0028C
MAT0028 Developmental II
(formerly known as MAT0024
Beginning Algebra)

MAT 0028N
Intensive Mathematics Tutorial
MAT 1033
Intermediate Algebra
MAC 1105
College Algebra
MAC 1114
College Trigonometry
MAC 1140
Precalculus Algebra
MAC 1147
MAC 2233
Business Calculus
MAC 2311
Calculus with Analytic Geometry I

MAC 2312
Calculus with Analytic Geometry II

MAC 2313
Calculus with Analytic
Geometry III
MAE 2801
Elementary School Mathematics
MAP 2302
Differential Equations
MAS 2103
Introduction to Linear Algebra
MGF 1106
College Mathematics
MGF 1107
Mathematics for the Liberal Arts
MHF 2300
Logic and Proof in Mathematics
STA 2023
Statistical Methods