Math Equipment Check out for Students & Faculty

Here you will find an inventory of all of the equipment that the Math Department has to offer from a Graphing Calculator for student check out to a Laptop Cart for classroom use.

Students, Faculty and Staff

Students can check out calculators in the Interactive Math Lab 1-144/142, The Depot 4-121 and the Library 4-202.
Students must have a Valencia ID. Check out is for 4 hours, anything after 4 hours your account is charged $1.50 an hour.

Faculty/Staff resources are available for checking out by emailing  Andi Berry
Include equipment, room, date and time needed.

TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculators
Graphine Calculator

TI-83 Graphing Calculators

TI-84 Plus TALKING Graphing Calculators
(Students with disabilities only)
Talking Graphing Calculators

1 Tactile Math drawing board
(Students with disabilities only)
Tactile Board

2 Classroom sets of Graphing Calculators (25 each)

Classroom set of calculators

1 IPad Cart for classrooms (24 IPads)
IPad Cart

1 Laptop cart for classrooms (25 Laptops)
Laptop Cart