What is Statway™ ?

Statway™ is a class that allows you to complete Developmental Math, MAT0029, and transfer-level statistics, STA2023, in 2-semesters. It is designed for students who are not STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math)

What are the benefits of Statway™ ?

Save time- take fewer classes and complete one math requirement for transfer.
Save money-No expensive textbook required!

What are the prerequisites?

MAT0018C-Developmental Math I or PERT-M score 96-112

What majors benefit from Statway™?

Art - Advertising - Anthropology
English - Film - Graphic Design
History - Humanities - Journalism
Music - Nursing- Philosophy
Photography - Political Science - Psychology - Public Administration
Religious Studies - Sociology - Social Work
Spanish - Sport Science - Theatre

How do I sign up for Statway™?

The first semester course is MAT 0029, and you can register for the course or you can visit the Math Dean on your campus to register.

East Campus Math Department

West Campus Math Department

Osceola Campus Math Department