Hot Classes - Spring 2019

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AMH2010 21022 United States History To 1877 M 1000A1115A EC 008-148 Carl Creasman
BSC1005 23735 Biological Science ONLINE Leesa Sward
EDF2130 26049 Child & Adolescent Dev for Ed ONLINE Terri Daniels
ENC1102 25187 Freshman Comp II ONLINE Benjamin Ohwovoriole
EUH2001 24922 Modern Western Civ ONLINE Pamela Forsythe
GEB1011 20891 Introduction To Business ONLINE Marva Pryor
MAR2011 21424 Principles of Marketing ONLINE Marva Pryor
PEM2104C 25757 Personal Fitness and Wellness M W 1000A1115A WC 001-150 Ronald Owens
HLP2550C 23982 Concepts of Personal Training T R 1130A1245P WC 003-115 Pam Hodges
HSC1400C 24802 First Aid/CPR M 0400P0515P WC 003-213 Colleen Ryan
PEM2104C 26020 Personal Fitness and Wellness T R 0100P0300P WC 003-213 Pam Hodges
PET2622C 23983 Care/Prev of Athletic Injuries M 0530P0645P WC 011-217 Colleen Ryan
PEM1121C 25753 Yoga T R 1200P1250P WC HSB-123 Subhas Rampersaud
PEM1121C 25755 Yoga M W 1000A1050A WC HSB-123 Subhas Rampersaud
PEM1131C 23988 Strength Training I WC HSB-124 Ronald Owens
PEM1176C 27401 Kickboxing 1 M 0100P0245P WC HSB-123 Ed Souza
PEM1405 23986 Self Defense For Women W 0700P0845P WC HSB-123 Calvin Thomas
PEM2104C 25758 Personal Fitness and Wellness T R 1030A1145A WC HSB-124 Ronald Owens
PEM2163C 25756 Zumba Fitness M W 0530P0620P WC HSB-123 Lorie Coachman
BSC1005 25855 Biological Science R 0100P0215P WP 001-221 Nadine Daniels
CGS2100C 27473 Computer Fundamentals and Appl T 0700P0915P WP 001-105 Jeff Soistman
COP1000C 27453 Intro to Programming Concepts M 0600P0845P WP 001-134 Michael Powell
ENC1101 21276 Freshman Comp I M W 0100P0215P WP 001-237 Benjamin Ohwovoriole
GEB1011 27472 Introduction To Business T 0100P0215P WP 001-113 Marva Pryor
HUM2250 25860 20th and 21st Century HUM T R 1130A1245P WP 001-114 Sean Platzer
HUM2310 24993 Mythology T R 0830A0945A WP 001-242 Paul Chapman
MAT1033C 24519 Intermediate Algebra R 0515P0655P WP 001-114 Diane Brown
MAT1033C 21110 Intermediate Algebra T R 0230P0345P WP 001-237 Genie Mogollon
MGF1106 23814 College Mathematics M W 1000A1115A WP 001-106 Douglas Woolley
PSY2012 22407 General Psychology R 0830A0945A WP 001-237 Nate Webster
SLS1122 23715 New Student Experience T 1000A1115A WP 001-108 Sharon May
SLS1122 23835 New Student Experience M W 1000A1115A WP 001-108 Sharon May
SLS1122 24613 New Student Experience T R 0230P0425P WP 001-108 Christy Mullgrav
SPC1017 27055 Interpersonal Communication M W 1000A1115A WP 001-115 Suzette Ashton
SPC1608 22774 Fundamentals of Speech T R 1130A1245P WP 001-115 Suzette Ashton