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Spring 2020

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West Campus

HLP 2550C 23705 Concepts of Personal Training T R 08:30A - 09:45A 001-254 Pam Hodges
PEL 1121 25923 Golf I F 08:00A - 09:45A 001-150 Donald Moyer
PEM 2104C 25252 Personal Fitness and Wellness M W 10:00A - 11:15A 001-150 Ronald Owens
PET 2622C 23706 Care/Prev of Athletic Injuries M 07:00P - 09:45P 011-216 Colleen Ryan
PEM 1121C 25248 Yoga T R 11:30A - 12:20P HSB-123 Subhas Rampersaud
PEM 1121C 25250 Yoga M W 10:00A - 10:50A HSB-123 Subhas Rampersaud
PEM 1131C 23707 Strength Training I HSB-124 Ronald Owens
PEM 1132C 23708 Strength Training II HSB-124 Ronald Owens
PEM 1171 25247 Belly Dance Aerobics T R 10:00A - 10:50A HSB-123 Melanie LaJoie
PEM 1405 23709 Self Defense For Women W 07:00P - 08:45P HSB-123 Calvin Thomas
PEM 1441 25922 Karate I T 07:00P - 08:45P HSB-123 Tony Ingram
PEM 2104C 25253 Personal Fitness and Wellness T R 10:30A - 11:45A HSB-124 Ronald Owens