About Learning in Community (LinC)

What is LinC?

Valencia College offers a variety of learning communities for students to participate in. Some of the most popular models include REACH,  CAMINO, First 30, and LinC. Learning communities are regarded as a High Impact Educational Practices and have shown to increase student's retention and success in college. The key goals for learning communities are to encourage integration of learning across courses and to involve students with "big questions" that matter beyond the classroom (AAC&U, 2008). Students often build stronger bonds with their peers, including classmates, faculty and staff at the college because they spend more time together.

LinC Program Components

The following components distinguish LinC from other learning communities offered at the college. In most cases, LinCs are team taught by two faculty that integrate their course curriculum throughout the term. One cohort of students enroll in both courses and are provided academic and non-academic support through Learning Support and Student Affairs offices.

  • Faculty completion of the LinC development course: LinC: Integrating a High Impact Practice
  • Same cohort of students in both courses
  • Integrated curriculum throughout the semester
  • Team taught courses (optional)
  • Success Coach (optional)

Institutional Effectiveness

Making data-informed decisions is critical to the planning of LinC offerings. The Office of Curriculum Initiatives works along-side the Offices of Institutional Assessment and Analytics & Reporting to collect and evaluate data on LinC and generate reports.

In 2015, LinC completed the Academic Initiative Review (AIR) process. The AIR is an evaluative review process that was developed drawing on related research literature (Grayson, 2012) and prevalent tools in the field. Each year at least one initiative at the college undertakes an AIR in order to better understand the impact of the work and to inform decisions and plans being made college-wide.

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