First 30

About First 30

In 2016, Valencia College developed and implemented a new learning community model called First 30. The First 30 model offers students a clear academic pathway and a plan to graduate in their college career. Students are guaranteed courses for their declared major and are pre-registered in thirty college-level credits throughout the first three terms. Through co-curricular and community-based learning, students engage in real-world application of content to strengthen their academic, pre-professional and personal learning goals.

First 30 Program Components

Program Components

  • Faculty obtain a certificate of completion from the LinC development course
  • The same cohort of students in four courses and over multiple terms
  • Faculty integrate curriculum across disciplines
  • Faculty sit in on each other's classes and team teach
  • Co-curricular integrated within the curriculum
  • Community-based learning
  • Success Coach - Program Advisor

Program Outcomes

  • Develop clear and efficient pathways to learning and educational progress for students
  • Implement optimal learning environments for students
  • Establish learning and learning support systems and techniques that will reduce achievement gabs among groups of learners from diverse backgrounds

Student Benefits

  • Added support for students who opt out of developmental education courses
  • Pre-registered for courses in their first year
  • Completion of 30 college-level courses after year one
  • Integrated opportunities to engage with the community
  • Cohort model increases peer to peer support
  • LinC courses show to increase student success in Start Right courses


  • Not previously taken courses offered through First 30
  • Commit to taking all courses during the fall, spring, and summer terms that are outlined on the schedule
  • Meet with the program coordinator assigned to the First 30 track
  • Complete an approved college placement test (eg. PERT, SAT, ACT)
  • Attend the First 30 orientation

Sample Schedules

Program Flyers for 2019-20

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