Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy all the supplies for my art classes?
Yes, most classes you will be required to pay for your own supplies.

How much will I spend on supplies?
It depends on the specific course, but anywhere from $100 in a drawing/painting course to $300 in Photography course which can include the purchasing of a camera.

Will all my art classes transfer?
Yes, most art classes will transfer, best to check with the school you are planning to attend, in case some do not.

I took AP (advanced placement) art classes in high school; will I be able to get credit for some VCC classes?
AP students will need to submit their portfolio for review by Visual Art faculty, The faculty will then determine if the portfolio is worthy of any credit courses, The only course we do not give AP credit for is ART 1201C Design I. Remember, if you are given credit for a course you will still have to pay tuition for it.

How do I put my art portfolio together to transfer to another college?
Check with the school you are planning to attend to see what they require, i.e. number of pieces, media, slides of 3-D work. We offer a selected topics class in portfolio preparation this would be a great class to take in your last semester before you transfer.

Where can I get slides of my artwork made?
Check with local photography stores, they sometimes know of companies and or individuals who can take photo�s of your artwork. The portfolio preparation class has a photographer come in to demonstrate how to photograph artwork yourself. Once the work is photographed it can be processed into slides.

What can I do with my visual art degree from Valencia Communtiy College?
Visual art is a pre-major A.A. degree, it is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four year school as a junior and receive a Bachelors degree in art.