Certificate of Completion Program

The Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) provides a competency-based program that offers the individual with a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than education the preparation to become a classroom teacher. EPI courses are non-transferable, institutional credits only for professional credentialing. EPI courses do not count toward an advanced degree. Participants who demonstrate mastery of the six Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs) and present passing scores on all required sections of the Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE) will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. Program acceptance is required for participation in the EPI. T

Please contact Ellen Costello, Manager, 407-582-5473 or Ashley Dorsey, Records Specialist, 407-582-1273 with questions.

Updated Program Coursework

Students beginning the EPI Program at Valencia College as of January 1, 2020 are required to take an additional reading course, EPI 0009, Foundations of Reading Instruction per Florida Administrative Code Rule 6A-5.066. Beginning in Fall 2020, EPI 0009 (equivalent to Reading Competency 1 of the Florida Reading Endorsement) joins EPI 0010, Foundations in Research-based Practices in Reading (equivalent to Reading Competency 2) in the program. To fulfill the legislative rule, courses equivalent to Reading Competencies 3 and 4 will be added in Fall 2021.


The Instructional Process (Module I):

These four courses are taken first.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPI 0001 Classroom Management 3
EPI 0002 Instructional Strategies 3
EPI 0003 Technology 3
EPI 0004 The Teaching and Learning Process 3


Reading Fundamentals (Module II):

These courses can be taken any time after the Instructional Process Module. EPI 0009 should be taken before EPI 0010.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours

EPI 0009

Competency 1

Foundations of Reading Instruction 3

EPI 0010

Competency 2

Foundations of Research-Based Practices in Reading 3

**FAC Rule 6A-5.066 for Teacher Preparation - Reading Changes - Effective 10/2019

“Candidates in prekindergarten-primary (age 3-Grade 3), elementary (K-6), and exceptional student education (K-12) certification programs shall be prepared in reading endorsement competencies one (1) through four (4).”

“Candidates in middle grades (5-9), secondary (6-12), and elementary and secondary coverage (K-12) certification programs shall be prepared in reading endorsement competencies one (1) and two (2).”

The EPI program is undergoing revision to comply with state legislative updates, and beginning in Fall 2020 will offer additional coursework for Reading Competency 1. Additional credit hours required.


Profession Foundations (Module III):

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPI 0020 Professional Foundations 2


Diversity in the Classroom (Module IV):

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPI 0030 Diversity 2


Field Experience Course (Module V):

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPI0950 Field Experience 4


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