Honors Student Advisory Committee

The mission of the Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC) shall be to promote academic excellence among honors students at Valencia. The HSAC shall seek to foster communication, to plan events, to make decisions, to develop partnerships, and to coordinate outreach with the sole goal of enriching the academic experience and quality of education for honors students at all of Valencia's campuses.

The authority of the HSAC shall be to act as the sole advisory and communication body representing Valencia honors students on issues relating to academics, fellowship, cultural enrichment, and the honors student activities budget. It is the aim of the HSAC to provide a voice to all active members of the Valencia Honors Program in all matters that directly impact the same.

Membership in the HSAC is open at all times. All Valencia honors students are invited and welcome to attend any and all public meetings of the HSAC so long as they meet the aforementioned criteria. Students are welcome to attend as many, or as few, of the HSAC meetings as they so choose.


For the next meeting, please visit the honors calendar

Contact 2017-18
HSAC Interim President Shauna Clifton