Honors Options

The Seneff Honors College is designed for people with a passion for learning. In addition to providing a challenging and in-depth course of study, it also emphasizes learning outside of the classroom. International travel, cultural field trips, guest speakers, community service, campus leadership and scientific research are all part of the Honors experience. And, with an average class size of only 15 students, the Seneff Honors College has a community feel—one that makes it easy to form great relationships with fellow students and professors.


Leadership Track

(primarily on Osceola Campus and West Campus)

The leadership track explores different styles of leadership and encourages students to become agents of change in the college and community. The track includes a strong service component, which leads to a service learning distinction at graduation.

Undergraduate Research Track

(primarily on East Campus)

The undergraduate research track is designed to introduce students to the process and practice of academic research and is especially suited for students who plan to go to graduate or professional school.

Global Studies Track

(primarily on Winter Park Campus)

The global studies track offers students opportunities to explore an interdependent and multicultural world. The track includes a strong service component, which leads to a service learning distinction at graduation. This track also leads to a global distinction recognition at graduation.

Honors Courses

Honors classes are not just regular classes with additional work; they provide an entirely unique intellectual and co-curricular experience. In addition, classes are kept small; the average class size is 15 students. Students in honors courses study and evaluate primary source materials rather than relying solely on textbooks. The classes help students learn to fashion original interpretations and analyses of course materials.

To see a list of honors classes that will be offered, visit the Credit Class Schedule Search and select Show only Honors Classes. Honors courses include:

Course # Course Title
ANT2000H Introduction to Anthropology
AMH 2010H U.S. History to 1877
AMH 2020H U.S. History 1877 to Present
AML 2021H Survey in American Literature
ARH 2051H Intro to Art History II
AST 1002H Astronomy
BSC 1005H Biological Science
BSC 1010H Fundamentals of Biology I
BSC 1011H Fundamentals of Biology II
BSC 1026H Biology of Human Sexuality
BSC1050H Environmental Science
CHM 1045H General Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis I
CHM 1046H General Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis II
DEP 2004H Developmental Psychology
ECO 2013H Principals of Economics-Macro
ECO 2023H Principals of Economics-Micro
ENC 1101H Freshman Composition I
ENC 1102H Freshman Composition II
GLY 2100H Historical Geology
HUM 1020H Introduction to Humanities
HUM 2220H Humanities – Greek and Roman
HUM 2223H Humanities – Late Roman and Medieval
HUM 2232H Humanities – Renaissance and Baroque
HUM 2234H Humanities – Enlightenment and Romanticism
HUM 2250H Humanities – Twentieth Century
HUM 2310H Humanities – Mythology in Art and Literature
IDH 1110 Interdisciplinary Studies in General Education I
IDH 1111 Interdisciplinary Studies in General Education II
IDH 1112 Interdisciplinary Studies in General Education
IDH 2120 Interdisciplinary Studies in General Education III
IDH 2121 Interdisciplinary Studies in General Education IV
IDH 2028 Honors Capstone
IDH 2911 Honors Research Process
IDH 2912 Honors Project
IDH 2955 Honors Study Abroad
INR 2002H International Politics
LIT 2090H Contemporary Literature
LIT 2120H Survey in World Literature – Enlightenment to Present
LIT 2174H Multimedia Lit & The Holocaust
MAC 1105H College Algebra
MAC 2311H Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
MAC 2312H Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
OCE 1001H Intro to Oceanography
PCB 1440H Florida Environmental Systems
PHY 2048H General Physics with Calculus I
PHY 2049H General Physics with Calculus II
POS 2041H U.S. Government I
POS 2112H State and Local Government
PSY 2012H General Psychology
SLS 1501H Honors Seminar
SLS 2261H Leadership Development
SLS 2940H Service Learning
SPC 1017H Interpersonal Communication
SPC 1608H Fundamentals of Speech
STA 2023H Statistical Methods
SYG 2000H Intro to Sociology

** To see course descriptions, see the current Valencia catalog.