Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students

Can I satisfy all of my HS Requirements at Valencia?

Most high school requirements can be satisfied, with the exception of World History and the Physical Education Requirement.

What about Economics?

The Orange County School District recently created a Financial Literacy on-line module to allow Dual Enrollment students to register for and satisfy their High school Requirement. The module is required along with Valencia's ECO 2013 or ECO b2023 courses to satisfy the Financial Literacy Graduation Requirement. Students will be required to meet with their Guidance counselor in order to enroll in a DE Economics course.

Students and parents will sign an agreement acknowledging that if they do not complete the module, they will not fulfill the graduation requirement

Osceola County students will need to complete Economics with their high school or FLVS in order to satisfy their high school graduation requirements.

Where and how do I get my textbooks?

Orange County Public School students: Print your course schedule through your atlas account and bring it to your guidance counselor for voucher pick-up. Take the textbook voucher and Photo ID to the Valencia Bookstore on the campus where you course is located. Only the student can pick up textbooks with the voucher. Textbooks can be picked up between August 12, 2019 and September 9, 2019.

Osceola County Public School students: Print your course schedule through your atlas account and take it to your high school counselor for signature. Once signed, bring your schedule to the Osceola School District Office (803 Bill Beck Blvd. Kissimmee, FL 34744) for textbook pick up. Only the student can pick up textbooks. For more information about textbook pick-up,

Homeschool/FLVS students: You will be allotted a total of $300 per semester for textbook purchases only. Academic tools and supplies (such as calculators, pens, notebooks, backpacks and other electronics) cannot be purchased using the $300. However, you can purchase them at your own cost. Fall 2019 textbooks can be purchased from August 12, 2019 to September 9, 2019; students who fail to purchase textbooks during this time frame will be held responsible for the full cost of textbooks. Please note that when purchasing textbooks at the campus store, you will be provided a used book (upon availability). If you choose to drop/withdraw from a course after purchasing the textbook, you are required to return the textbook to the campus store; no refunds will be provided. Textbooks can be purchased the following ways:

  • By personally visiting the Valencia campus bookstore associated with the that you are registered for. Online courses are assigned to a specific campus. Please note that textbooks will not be dispatched to anyone besides you. You will be required to present your Valencia ID card and Student Detail Schedule when purchasing textbooks. The Valencia ID card can be obtained at any Valencia security office and the Student Detailed Schedule can be accessed through your Atlas account.
  • By accessing the Campus Store webpage, creating an account and placing an online textbook order. Please note that you will need to reference your Student Detail Schedule to find and purchase your textbook(s). You can choose to pick up your online textbook order at a campus store at no extra charge or you can choose to have your online textbook order shipped to you (you will be responsible for all shipping fees).

Private School students: You are responsible for purchasing textbooks.

What courses should I take?

While courses offered at a high school campus are limited to certain basic subjects, courses taken at Valencia College should be creditable toward a high school diploma. Speak with your high school guidance counselor about course selection to ensure that you meet graduation requirements.

How many classes/credits can I take?

You can register for up to 4 courses or 13 credit hours each Fall and Spring term; and 2 courses or 7 credit hours for the Summer term.

Payment cannot be received for increased coursework.

Can I take an Online Course?

Yes, Dual Enrollment students are allowed to register for online courses. Onlne courses are conducted through Canvas.

What is the difference between Add/Drop and Withdrawal?

Add/Drop allows students to add and remove courses from their schedule without penalty within the add/drop period. Withdrawals remain on the student’s college transcript, and count against their withdrawal allotment for Dual Enrollment participation.

How many Withdrawals are DE students allowed??

Dual Enrollment Student are allowed one withdrawal to maintain eligibility.

Help! I have an a balance on my account

This is normal. A balance will remain on your account until the end of the term. Dual Enrollment students are not responsible for paying these fees. This balance will not cause you to be dropped from your courses.

Where can I get my student ID and parking pass?

Student ID's and parking permits are issued by the Security Office.

I've registered for classes. Where can I view and print my schedule?

You can access your detailed class schedule by logging into the Atlas → Clicking the Courses Tab → Registration → Student Detail Schedule.

Who can help me choose classes to register for?

Dual Enrollment Academic Advisors and your school's guidance counselor can help guide you through the course selection process. Dual Enrollment Advisors are available on the West and Osceola Campuses M-F by appointment only. Please visit our Advisors Page to schedule an appointment.

Do Dual Enrollment courses transfer to other colleges and universities?

Dual enrollment course credit transfers to any public college or university that offers that course with the same prefix and number. If a student does not attend the same college or university where they earned that dual enrollment credit, the application of the college credit to general education, prerequisite, or degree programs may vary at the receiving institutions.

I took an AP class at my high school, how can I apply that towards my AA?

AP Scores must be reported directly to Valencia via College Board prior to registering for courses which require the completion of prior courses to satisfy prerequisites. Please allow 5 weeks for the scores to be processed.