Important Announcement Regarding Refunds


Blackboard Pay has been acquired by BankMobile. (The contract between Valencia College and BankMobile may be reviewed here.)

All registered students will receive an email sent to your Atlas account which will provides information on how you can select an electronic refund preference. In addition, you will also receive an email from our refund service provider BankMobile describing your electronic refund options.

Refund Options

Valencia College encourages you to receive your refund electronically because you’ll receive your refund faster and it’s less likely to be stolen or tampered with.

If you want your financial refund to be delivered electronically you must select a new refund option – even if you were previously enrolled in Blackboard Pay – to make sure your refund is delivered in the manner you chose.

You are not required to make this choice.

If you take no action, you will still receive refund, however it will be sent as a paper check in the mail. Checks are sent first class US mail to your home address. If you choose to receive your refund through a check mailed to your home, please verify that your home address listed in Atlas is correct, to prevent delays in receiving your check. Please note that if you do not have a bank account, you may be charged check cashing fees to cash the refund check.

The new program will give you the following options for receiving refunds:

  • Deposit to your existing checking or savings account
  • Deposit to BankMobile Vibe checking account