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Assessment Services

Taking the CLEP

3 steps to test at Valencia College

Step #1 – Register

  • Log into your ATLAS account (you must be enrolled at Valencia with an active status)
  • Click on the Students tab at the top of the page
  • Under the Student forms, locate the CLEP Information and Registration Link
  • Read and follow instructions provided on the CLEP Registration Form.
  • Go to the campus Business Office to pay the $20 appointment fee. DANTES students do NOT need to pay the $20 appointment fee. Eligibility for DANTES- Click Here
  • Return to the Assessment Office and present the following items to register for your CLEP :
    • Printed registration form from ATLAS
    • Receipt from the Business Office (proof of $ 20.00 payment) ** Valencia's Payment Method.
    • Government issued photo ID

Step #2 – Payment

  • Go to www.collegeboard.org
  • Click Sign Up
  • Select the CLEP tab
  • Select the CLEP Exams tab
  • Find the CLEP exam you want and select (check mark) the CLEP $87.00 box
  • Select Add to cart button
  • Select the Register and Checkout button
  • Print your registration ticket (you must submit it on the day of the test)
    • CLEP Study Guide information HERE!

Click here for a video tutorial on CLEP Exam Registration and payment through CollegeBoard

Step #3 – Testing

  • You must hand in the printed registration ticket from www.collegeboard.org to the Assessment Center
  • You must have a current government issued photo ID
  • Arrive punctually at the Assessment Center for your appointment or you might need to be re-scheduled

We look forward to having you test with us. If you have further questions or need more information, please visit our website:


  • Due to limited schedule availability, it is important, to keep your appointment. You will be allowed to reschedule once. Any further rescheduling will require an additional $20 fee. After 3 months, the payment expires and you will be required to resubmit your CLEP registration and related fee.

NOTE: It takes 3-6 weeks to receive and process official CLEP scores.

More Details:

  • CLEP is offered on East, Osceola, and West Campuses by appointment only
  • Test scores must be sent to Valencia.
  • You will need to show a form of ID to test:

The test taker’s identification must:

  • Be government-issued
  • Be an original document —photocopied documents are not acceptable
  • Be valid and current —expired documents (bearing expiration dates that have passed) are not acceptable, no matter how recently they may have expired
  • Bear the test-taker's full name, in English language characters, exactly as it appears on the Registration Ticket, including the order of the names
  • Middle initials are optional and only need to match the first letter of the middle name when present on both the ticket and the identification.
  • Bear a recent recognizable photograph that clearly matches the test-taker
  • Include the test-taker’s signature
  • Be in good condition, with clearly legible text and a clearly visible photograph

Acceptable forms of identification MUST have name, photograph and signature on one of the following:

  • Government-issued passport
  • Driver’s license
  • State or Province ID issued by the motor vehicle agency
  • Military ID (including electronic signatures)
  • National ID
  • Tribal ID card
  • A naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
  • A Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

All assessment centers are closed on college-wide holidays.
Assessment offices close at 5pm Dec 17-20
Winter Park closed 8am-12pm on January 4


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