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The Dual Enrollment office is grateful to all guidance counselors, college transition coaches and other school representatives for their continuous support of the Dual Enrollment program at Valencia College!

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their high school guidance counselors to determine the appropriate courses to meet their high school graduation requirements and count toward postsecondary academic goals. This applies to students taking courses at the high school location as well as those enrolled at a Valencia campus.

It is the responsibility of the high school guidance counselor to notify the Dual Enrollment office if the student's high school cumulative grade point average (CGPA) falls below 3.0. In addition, students must adhere to Valencia's Academic Standards as stated in the college catalog. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility for program participation.

Below are subsections as a high school representative that will be helpful for you from the time a student expresses interest in Dual Enrollment, through their acceptance.

  • Students must hold a 3.0 unweighted cumulative high school GPA for grades 6-11 or 3.0 weighted cumulative GPA for high school seniors.
  • Students applying for first time admission must complete the Dual Enrollment application; a new application is required each term for any student that does not successfully complete the admissions process the first time. Students do not need to reapply if the student was previously accepted.
  • The application includes certification of a student's eligibility (CGPA, college-level assessment scores), counselor recommendation, and requisite signatures. Please encourage the student to type on the fillable PDF prior to printing for required signatures. Typing the application significantly reduces the number of discrepancies.
  • Applications and college-level test scores (see Assessment/Testing section below) must be on file with the Dual Enrollment department by the designated deadline for the desired term of enrollment. The Dual Enrollment department will not accept applications after the designated deadline each term. In addition, applications are not accepted at any Valencia campus and must be digitally provided by the deadline. Provide your final application to your school CTC or Guidance Counselor to be digitally sent to the Dual Enrollment office.
  • Incomplete applications or applicants with a high school CGPA below a 3.0 are not accepted.
  • Students cannot create an Atlas account until their application is fully processed and entered into the database.
  • All prospective students must submit college-level test scores as part of the application requirements.
  • Acceptable tests include the SAT, ACT or PERT exam; a combination of eligible scores will be accepted from the aforementioned tests only.
  • The initial attempt to take the PERT exam is available at no cost, at any Valencia campus, on a walk-in basis; prior to taking the PERT exam the student must have a VID (Valencia Identification Number is assigned by the Dual Enrollment office upon processing the students application and then provided in email).
  • PERT retakes are available after the student participates in a workshop and pays the $10 fee for each section-requiring retake. A student is allowed a total of three PERT attempts at Valencia in a two year period. Valencia will only accept PERT scores from previously enrolled institutions within two years of test taken. Review is required for second attempt and optional for third attempt.
  • If the student has qualifying ACT or SAT scores, it is their responsibility to request the official score is report sent electronically to Valencia College, from sat.collegeboard.org or actstudent.org within the allotted period. Be advised that it may take five weeks for scores to delivered and processed by the Valencia College Assessment Center; any scores that are not entered by the designated deadline will not be accepted. If the student has original, hard copy results they can bring them to an Assessment Center at any Valencia campus to have the scores entered, prior to the test deadline. The Assessment department will not accept copies or screenshots.
  • The student will need their assigned VID  and a state or federally issued picture ID such as a driver’s license, military ID, or passport to submit SAT / ACT scores or to take the PERT exam.
  • Please see the Assessment center website for specific information regarding specific campus hours of operation, test preparations, retake policy, etc.
  • If the student takes the PERT exam at the high school or a location other than Valencia College after the initial application is submitted, the student will need to inform the Assessment Center staff (via email, assessment@valenciacollege.edu). In the email to Assessments, please provide the Full Name, Valencia Identification number (VID) or Social Security Number, and School Name / Test Site Location. The student is responsible for contacting Assessments and confirming the scores were uploaded from the repository prior to the test score deadline.
  • All Dual Enrollment students must complete the mandatory Dual Enrollment New Student Orientation online via their Atlas account before they can register for courses; please allow two business days for results to post and the hold to release from the students account. Students will not be able to register for courses until the hold is released and/or their specific registration date.
  • Students should contact the Dual Enrollment department, via their Atlas email, if the New Student Orientation course is not loaded into their Canvas account.
  • The on-campus orientation held throughout the summer is highly encouraged for all newly accepted Dual Enrollment students.
  • Dual Enrollment students are eligible to take three-credit or higher college-level courses. Students are eligible to take a maximum of 13 credit hours in the Fall or Spring and seven in the Summer.
  • Students are eligible for four classes during the Fall and Spring semester and two during the Summer semester. Students accepted for the Fall semester are not eligible to take Summer classes until they have successfully completed the Fall and Spring term. If a student is accepted for the Spring term they are eligible to take Summer classes the consequent semester.
  • FLEX term courses (any course that is not offered for the full Fall/Spring term) are not permitted for DE students.
  • As dictated by Florida statute, college preparatory/developmental courses as well as most physical education courses are not approved for coursework with Valencia College to count as high school graduation requirements.

Orange County Students:

Orange County Public School students must obtain a textbook voucher from your school guidance counselor/other designated person. Textbooks can be picked up from a Valencia College Campus Bookstore at least two weeks prior to the start of term and must be purchased within the first two weeks of the start of the term; no vouchers accepted after two weeks from start of term.

Osceola County Students:

Osceola County Public School students, check with your school guidance counselor for specific details and procedures on how to obtain textbooks from the Osceola District Bookstore, as well as bookstore hours. Any textbooks not available at the Osceola District Bookstore (ODB) will be purchased via a voucher that is issued by personnel at the ODB.

Private and Home School Students:

Private and Home School students are responsible for their own textbook affiliated costs for licensing fees or electronic media access. You can get your textbooks at your campus bookstore. Contact the Valencia College bookstore for the textbooks required for your specific classes each semester.

High School Campus Courses:

Textbooks for courses offered on a high school campus are delivered directly to the school site. All textbooks should be returned to the high school campus once the courses end.


As a guidance counselor / school representative, please review remaining graduation requirements with students as you collaborate on each semester’s schedule. All students are encouraged to meet with a Dual Enrollment Academic Advisor, however, your support to help determine the appropriate courses to meet their high school graduation requirements.

Valencia Campus Courses:

  • Students self-register via their Atlas account; detailed instructions are provided during the on-campus orientation. Additionally, detailed instructions can be located within the students Atlas account, at an Atlas Help Desk or Atlas computer lab at any Valencia campus.

High School Campus Courses:

  • Dual Enrollment staff enroll students taking courses at the high school site. A minimum of 15 eligible DE students and no more than 25 students are required for a course offered at the high school site. Eligible and interested students must request Dual Enrollment courses through the high school guidance counselor during their normal high school registration period. The class roster for each particular course should then provided to the Dual Enrollment office for eligibility verification and registration completion.





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