Associate in Science (A.S.) in Engineering Technology


The Associate in Science (A.S.) in Engineering Technology degree is an advanced manufacturing technology degree that prepares students for success in the installation, repair and maintenance of equipment and systems used in manufacturing and logistics and supply chain distribution centers. This hands-on program is designed to respond to the needs of regional businesses and provides related technical skills for the manufacturing and logistics and supply chain distribution industries.

This program is unique because it includes a specialization for Supply Chain Automation technicians. This specialization will prepare students to operate, service, and maintain automated material handling equipment. As consumer buying behavior switches from brick and motor retail purchases to e-commerce transactions, growth in distribution centers will continue to explode as retailers and e-commerce companies seek to meet customers’ expectations for same day or next day delivery. This will require more distribution centers closer to consumers, and those centers will rely on automated material handling equipment to move merchandise through most every step in the shipping and delivery process, which is why skilled technicians are in high demand.

Training will include electronics, industrial components, various computer control software and hardware applications, industrial control circuits, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), hydraulics and pneumatics, welding and robotics. Students will also receive specialized courses in automated manufacturing and material handling distribution systems, including automated process control, that prepares students to work in trades such as manufacturing, food production, supply chain and distribution industries, as well as servicing and maintaining amusement park rides.

Graduates of the degree program can earn the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician (CPT) industry certification and the MSSC Certified Automation Technician (CAT) industry certification.


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