Search Process

The Search for Our Next College President

The search for Valencia’s fifth president will encompass three phases:

1. Search Process Design

2. Active Recruitment

3. Discernment and Selection

The District Board of Trustees anticipates that the search will conclude in December of 2020.

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Search Process Design:

During the initial phase, the Board of Trustees:

  • Solicited feedback from the college community on the challenges and opportunities the next president will face and on the skills, abilities, qualities and experiences that Valencia’s next president should possess.

     Faculty and Staff Feedback

     Student Feedback

     Feedback Summary 

  • Commissioned  a diverse and representative Presidential Search Committee  to support the District Board of Trustees through the search process. 

  • Established a search timeline.

  • Commissioned the creation of an official  Presidential Profile by the Presidential Search Committee with input from faculty, staff, and students and with guidance from the Aspen Institute’s  Hiring Excellent Community College Presidents toolkit.


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Active Recruitment:

The Board has selected AGB Search as the search firm to support the search for Valencia College’s next president. AGB Search, which was founded by the Association of Governing Boards and Universities and Colleges, specializes in executive searches in higher education institutions.   

The search launched on September 24, 2020. In order to be considered for the opportunity, candidate materials must be received by AGB Search no later than October 22, 2020, at 8 p.m Eastern Daylight Time.

When active recruitment commences, all candidate materials will be available for review on the Candidate Materials page. The candidate materials site will be updated each Friday by 5:00 p.m. during the active recruitment phase.


Discernment and Selection Process:

The Board has commissioned a Presidential Search Committee to support the Board through the search process. The Presidential Search Committee is led by the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Tracey Stockwell, and is comprised of faculty, staff, a student and members of the community. 

The committee will review candidate materials, recommend semi-finalists to the Board, conduct semi-finalist interviews and open town hall meetings, review feedback on the semi-finalist interviews and town halls, and recommend finalists to the Board.  

The committee and Board will be supported by AGB Search firm and the following Valencia staff members: 

  • Amy Bosley, Vice President of Organizational Development and Human Resources 
  • Jay Galbraith, Vice President of Public Affairs and Marketing 
  • Carla McKnight, Assistant Vice President, Organizational Development  
  • Bill Mullowney, Vice President of Policy and General Counsel 

Semifinalist interviews will be conducted virtually.  In addition to meeting with the committee, candidates will have the opportunity to engage with faculty, staff and students in open town halls. Feedback will be collected and shared with the search committee.  

Finalist interviews will be conducted in both face-to-face and virtual meetings.

Search Committee 

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Search Discernment and Selection Process

Valencia’s Presidential Search is comprised of three phases including the search planning, active recruitment, and discernment and selection components.


Key Dates

October 28, 2020 The Presidential Search Committee recommends a slate of semi-finalist candidates for consideration and approval to the District Board of Trustees.
November 1-12, 2020 Semi-finalist interviews (virtually) with the Presidential Search Committee. Candidates will also participate in virtual town halls with faculty, staff and students who will provide their feedback on the semi-finalist interviews to the Presidential Search Committee for review and analysis.
November 13, 2020 Search committee selects finalists to recommend to the Board.
Week of November 16, 2020 The Presidential Search Committee recommends a slate of finalist candidates for consideration and approval to the District Board of Trustees.
Week of November 30-December 4, 2020 Finalists interviews, including a combination of onsite and virtual open town halls with faculty, staff, students and members of the broader community. Feedback from all interviews and town hall meetings will be reviewed and analyzed by the District Board of Trustees.
By December 18, 2020  The District Board of Trustees concludes the search process and identifies their choice for Valencia’s next president.