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Information Sent to Employees

At Valencia, we respect the right of our employees to consider representation for the purposes of collective bargaining and the ability to engage in lawful solicitation, and want to ensure that you have the information needed to make informed decisions.

As a part of a highly skilled and engaged workforce, you have received information that will be helpful in your fact-finding pursuit. On this page, are several links to emails and articles that have been shared regarding union activity and public records laws that you may find useful and informative.

Update on Service Employees International Union Election Status

November 2018, Valencia College received the ruling from the hearing officer that, contrary to SEIU’s prior representations, they had not, in fact, fulfilled the legal requirements for an adequate showing of interest. The hearing officer discovered that 98 of the cards submitted by the SEIU were invalid, driving the number of valid, signed showing of interest cards well below the 30 percent threshold. Click here to read more.

Part-time Faculty Union Solicitation

While Valencia fully supports your rights to consider forming a collective bargaining unit, we do, however, expect all parties involved (including our employees and the paid union solicitors) to follow all rules and guidelines as set forth in Florida state statute, the National Labor Relations Board and Valencia College policy and procedure. Using the College's email distribution list, in the manner and purpose as it was yesterday, is a violation of Valencia's Acceptable Use of Information Technology policy 6Hx28:7A-02. Click here to read more.

Solicitation on Campus - What You Need to Know

We have become aware that these external solicitors are entering our campuses during work hours and directly approaching our faculty inside of our classrooms and in other locations where our work is taking place. The purpose of their solicitation is to discuss union organization with faculty members. Click here to read more.

Union Solicitation on Campus - Reminders

We enjoy a deep and productive relationship with our faculty members and appreciate the many contributions made by full- and part-time faculty to our students' learning and our College's success. We look forward to a continued open conversation with our colleagues about how we can continue to improve the experience at Valencia. Click here to read more.

College Update - May 2017

Several faculty members have shared with faculty leadership and other college leaders that they have been approached on campus or engaged at their home by individuals representing a faculty union. There is nothing improper about this, assuming they follow the clearly defined rules for considering this kind of representation. Click here to read more.

Working in the Sunshine State: Facts Every College Employee Should Know

Did you know that as an employee of Valencia, you work for a public institution? Under Florida's Sunshine Laws, Valencia records are subject to public inspection and disclosure, including but not limited to records of employment such as your name, title and salary information. Click here to read more.

Working in the Sunshine State, Part II: Important Details on Public Records

You may not be aware, but as a public institution, Valencia receives several public records requests every year. These requests can range from copies of college contracts to records concerning an applicant or a current employee, to minutes of meetings of the District Board of Trustees. Any person can request to review a public record or receive a copy of a public record and is not required to disclose the purpose or interest to obtain the record; and identification is not required.  Click here to read more.