Full Time Web Time Entry Supervisors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to compare the timesheet to the Request and Manage My Leave system?

  • Yes!
  • Do not approve the timesheet until it matches the leave system exactly for any leave taken during the pay period.
  • If you don't confirm that a COA has been submitted for all leave reported on the timesheet, the employee will end up overusing their leave and will be overpaid.
  • Payroll does not perform a leave audit until the employee leaves the College.
  • It is the responsibility of the employee and their supervisor to ensure that leave is accurately reported.

What happens if an employee submits a leave request for leave that they don't have?

  • You can either immediately deny the request, authorize a different leave type (vacation instead of personal for instance) or confirm with the employee that they understand that their pay will be reduced when they use leave they do not have available.
  • If they called in sick and are submitting the request when they return to work, you cannot simply deny that request. You can authorize vacation if you choose to do so and if the employee has vacation available or just remind the employee that they will be docked. If you authorize vacation, you would reject the request and have the employee submit a new request to use vacation instead of sick. In that scenario, they would record vacation on their timesheet as well to ensure that the timesheet matches the COA. Please remember that if you authorize this for one employee, you must allow it for all.
  • Please remember that sick leave can never be used in place of vacation leave.
  • Leave cannot be used until it shows as available.
  • Leave must be available when taken, not just when the COA is submitted. Prompt submission of COAs will help employees see how many hours they actually have available to use.

What happens if I approve a leave request when the employee does not have the leave available?
That employee's next available payroll will be reduced.

What happens if an employee submits a leave request for a future date and then uses up their leave before that date?

  • That employee will be docked on the next available payroll once they take that future leave unless the leave request is canceled. Pending leave does show in the Leave Balance screen, so you can help them plan ahead.

What should I do if I approved a time sheet with incorrect hours?

  • If the timesheet is in approved status, please click "Return Time" then "Return for Correction" so the employee can correct their hours or "Change Record" so you can make the necessary corrections.
  • If the timesheet is in completed status, correction forms will need to be completed before the hours can be updated. Please contact Payroll for the necessary form(s).

How far in the past will I be able to view employees' time sheets?
Timesheets can be viewed for two months following the pay date.

What if employee has entered all hours worked but never submitted for approval?
You will need to click "Submit" and then review and approve the hours, or click "Return for Correction" if necessary.

What does ''*ERROR* Approval not allowed" mean?
This error occurs when the approve button is clicked multiple times. It will sometimes appear when the back button has been used.