Full-Time Employee Web Time Entry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Web Time Entry Basics

  • You must complete your time on a daily basis, not at the end of the pay period.
  • You may not submit your time in advance of having worked the hours.
  • You need to enter allof your actual hours worked, not your scheduled hours.
  • Your work week musttotal at least 40.0 hours. If you take time off but don't have the leave available, please enter it anyway. We must account for every hour in your 40.0 hour work week for Workers' Comp and Department of Labor purposes.

How do I view the training video on how to use Web Time Entry?

Please review the Online Web Time Entry resources and videos available to you via the EDGE.

How far in the past will I be able to view my time sheets?
Time sheets can be viewed for two months following the pay date.

Do you hold back 2 weeks of pay?

  • No, Valencia pays current which means full-time employees are paid through the pay date with a default of 80.0 hours. Only overtime or shift differential earned are delayed since they are paid directly from the timesheet.
  • Since we pay you for 40.0 hours per week before you have even submitted your web timesheet, you are required to enter at least 40.0 hours for each week in a combination of hours worked and/or paid time off to substantiate those hours already paid.

When should I submit my time sheet to my supervisor for approval?
Do not submit time sheet for approval until you have completed working for that pay period. Please review  Full Time Timesheet Schedule.

Do I still need to complete a Certificate of Absence for any leave taken?
Yes, unless the hours are made up within the same week. The COA needs to match the timesheet exactly.

Do I need to record my lunch break?

  • Please remember that lunch breaks are recommended but not required.
  • Yes, you must record your time out and time back in for lunch unless you take less than 30 minutes.
  • If you don't take a 30 minute lunch break, you wouldn't record a break on your timesheet.
  • Eating at your desk is still considered a lunch break unless you are actually working.
  • Your supervisor can make a lunch break mandatory. They can also ask you to work through your lunch. Remember, they set the schedules to ensure that the department runs smoothly.

Do I need to record my two 15 minute breaks each day?

  • No.
  • Please remember that breaks are recommended but not required.
  • Breaks are not cumulative. If departmental demands cause you to miss your morning break, you do not get 30 minutes in the afternoon. You also can't add them to your lunch break to have a longer lunch.

How does my supervisor review my time?
Your web timesheet will be submitted every two weeks. Once you have completed your time for the two week pay period, you would click "Submit." This sends your timesheet to your supervisor for their review and approval.

What do I do if I realize that there's a mistake on my timesheet after I've submitted it to my supervisor?

  • If your timesheet has not yet been approved, you can click "Return Time" to pull it back.
  • If it has already been approved, your supervisor will need to click "Return Time" then "Return for Correction" so you can correct your hours or "Change Record" so they can make the necessary corrections for you.
  • If the timesheet is in a "Completed" status, correction forms will need to be completed before the hours can be updated. Please contact Payroll for the necessary form(s).

What does "Error Submit Not Allowed" mean?
This error occurs when the submit button is clicked multiple times. It does not prevent the timesheet from being reviewed and approved.

What does "Time Transaction Already Exists" mean?
This means the save button was clicked multiple times. It does not prevent the timesheet from being reviewed and approved.

What if employee has entered all hours worked but never submitted for approval?
You will need to click "Submit" and then review and approve the hours, or click "Return for Correction" if necessary. If the employee isn't available, please click "Change Record" to make any necessary adjustments for them, save and approve.

How do I enter my time if I'm out sick for an extended period of time?
It is your supervisor's responsibility to complete your time sheet in your absence.

How do I enter vacation/sick/personal/holiday/court related leave, etc.?

  • Select the appropriate leave code and enter 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for a full 8.0 hours taken.
  • If you have taken a partial day off, only record those hours that you missed as your leave type. For instance, if you came in at 10:00 am instead of 8:00 am, you would record 8:00 am to 10:00 am as your leave type.
  • If you choose to make up your hours missed within the same week rather than use any leave, you do not need to enter any leave hours or enter just enough leave to make up your hours so that you have a total of 40.0 hours for the week.

Examples of each leave type:

  1. Sick – time used for doctor's/dentist appointments or illness of yourself or of a family member.
  2. Personal – time used from your sick leave balance for personal reasons. You may use up to 4 days of your sick leave as personal leave each fiscal year.
  3. Vacation – pre-approved time off.
  4. Holiday – predetermined dates that the college is closed (Winter Break, Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, etc). Enter 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for these days or what you need to bring your week up to 40 hours. Any Holiday hours not used (because you worked 2.0 extra hours during the week and only needed to enter 6.0 hours for Holiday to bring your week up to 40.0 hours, for example) become "Banked Holiday" that you will need to track so you can use them at a later date.
  5. Court Related Leave– This includes Jury Duty and court appearances required by subpoena where you are not the principal in the litigation. You are required to upload the court verification letter for jury duty or the subpoena if you are required to report for a case in order to be eligible for this leave.

How is shift differential earned?

  • Shift Differential is based on hours worked.
  • Must have at least 40.0 hours worked between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:00am within the full, 80.0-hour pay period.
  • The calculation does not include paid time off (holiday, sick, vacation, summer hours, etc.).
  • If the 40.0 hour threshold is met, $20.00 will be added to the next available payroll once the timesheet is in a "Completed" status.

How is overtime earned and paid?

  • Overtime is earned on hours actually worked over 40.0 within a week (Sunday through Saturday).
  • Paid time off (holiday, sick, vacation, etc.) is not included in the overtime calculation.
  • Overtime is paid directly from your approved web timesheet.
  • Never omit time worked on your timesheet in order to avoid overtime.
  • Cannot "borrow" overtime hours from one week to take time off in the next week. For example, if you work 42.0 hours in the first week, you can't simply work and record 38.0 hours in the second week for an 80.0 hours pay period. You would need to add leave to the second week to bring it up to 40.0 hours.

What is Leave with Pay?

  • Leave with Pay is used in special situations as directed by the College. For example:
  • Summer schedule hours for the 4.0 hours given to staff on Friday afternoons.
  • Periods where the College is closed for emergencies:
    • Hurricanes or other storms that are deemed to be too dangerous for travel to your campus.
    • Building issues – leaks, fire alarms, no water, power outage, etc.

What is Leave without Pay?

  • Leave without Pay is used for suspensions or unauthorized absences.
  • DO NOT use Leave without Pay when you have exhausted your leave. You always enter the leave type you have actually used (or have been authorized to use in the event you can use vacation when you have exhausted your sick leave).

What happens when my time sheet is not submitted by the due date?
Your supervisor will need to click "Submit" then "Return for Correction" to send your timesheet back to you for completion.

What pin do I enter on the Certify page?
The pin should be the same pin/password you use to enter Atlas.

I got an error message when I accurately entered my pin on the Certify page?
Try resetting your password by clicking "Forgot Password" on the main login page. If that does not work, please call OIT Help desk at ext. 5555.