Web Services

Web services builds and maintains web sites and forms for the college departments. We also maintain Atlas, which is the college's portal.

Adding or updating information on the college website

If you have anything you would like to add or change on the college Web site, please send your information and suggestions to Web Services.

Files in the following formats may be sent as attachments: PDF, Word, Excel, & PowerPoint, JPEG, GIF and PNG.



We aim to add new information to the college Web site quickly. However, at certain times this may not be possible. We will do everything we can to assist if you need to add material to the site urgently, but please speak to us in-person or by telephone first (ext. 5555).


Web Standards

Web pages which do not conform to the current college visual identity cannot be displayed on the Web site or the portal.


Faculty Frontdoor

Faculty can create their own website easily by filling out simple forms and upload files for sharing with students.  Their website can also be published on a list of other faculty websites.

  • Sign in to Atlas
  • Faculty tab > Faculty Tools channel > Faculty Frontdoor
  • Sample Web Address: