Academic Integrity

Academic integrity, essential to the purpose of higher education, functions as the basic contract defining the expected relationship between an institution and its students, faculty and staff.  It is a relationship in which all parties agree to function honestly and openly in all contexts related to teaching, learning and academic process.

All Valencia students access college registration, fee payment and online course systems and tools through a unique username and password which is set and controlled by the student.  When setting up their username at Valencia, students provide personally identifiable information to create their own secret password.  Students are required to follow institutional policy for resetting their password on a regular basis with an appropriate level of password complexity. Students are only able to access their accounts and their information when logging onto Valencia systems.  It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of their password.
Valencia also employs diverse mechanisms and strategies to promote academic integrity in our students including:

  • Software to detect and prevent plagiarism
  • Required syllabi elements that promote awareness and expectations related to  academic integrity  and ethical responsibility policies
  • Regularly reviews Student Code of Conduct and updates as required
  • Faculty use of various instructional strategies to detect and prevent academic dishonesty
  • Faculty development opportunities to support implementation of instructional strategies and software for plagiarism prevention
  • Awareness campaigns for students to ensure the security of their username and passwords