Policies & Responsibilities

Valencia College is an educational institution committed to providing students with involvement in institutional decision making. This involvement takes many forms. Student Government leaders are elected on the campuses and serve as the official voice of the students to the administration on matters important to students. Students serve as voting members on college wide and campus committees. The college offers a student leadership development program that not only trains current and potential student leaders, but solicits student input on issues related to student life. Campus Provosts meet regularly with students to obtain feedback on college operations and how they impact campus life for students. A survey is conducted regularly asking currently enrolled students their perceptions of the specific services and programs offered by the college. Students are continually encouraged to contact their Student Government officers or campus Student Development Coordinator to volunteer to become active in college committees and/or activities. These and other initiatives by Valencia staff and student leaders assist the college in being proactive in evaluating and acting on student needs.
In addition to the numerous opportunities for involvement in and impact on institutional decision making at the college, Valencia students are also responsible for adhering to applicable federal, state, local and college laws, ordinances and policies.

Source: Valencia Student Handbook

 Valencia Policies and Procedures



The Student Academic Dispute and Administrative Complaint Resolution site is for students. The following information will help guide you through Valencia College’s procedures to resolve your issue.