Documenting Faculty-Student Engagement

Here you can view videos and photographs documenting faculty-student engagement from across the college.

Practicing What We Preach

When the IEC decided to create a web site, we knew exactly what to do: Get some students to help us! To that end, we contacted Daissy and Reina (of Columbia and Venezuela, respectively), two award-winning students enrolled in the college’s Graphic Design program. They were nice enough to design the committee’s logo and devise the organization of the overall site.

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Catapult Day

Each semester, Dr. George Brooks, East Campus humanities professor, celebrates medieval culture and history with Catapult Day. His students prepare medieval-era food and crafts, which they bring to campus for all to enjoy while watching the event's climactic showpiece: the launching of an authentic medieval trebuchet. Hand-crafted by Dr. Brooks and Buzz Dawson, the Orlando Science Center's Director of New Exhibits, this intimidating example of old-school shock-and-awe is used to launch a variety of ammunition--heads of lettuce, cantaloupes, the errant watermelon--at a distant target: a castle wall erected just for the occasion.

Our video is an imaginative look at the preparations for and eventual onslaught of a medieval siege: hide your children, and give a "Huzzah!" for Dr. Brooks and his fearless knights!

View photographs from Catapult Day.

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Trebuchet Video


Feedback Woes

Assessment: every teacher's favorite past time! Of course, as a learning-centered member of VCC, you know that already. However, what we sometimes forget--mired as we frequently can be in piles of tests, projects, and essays to grade--is that assessing our students' performance promptly is equally important.

Not convinced? Then this short film, the result of a collaboration between the IEC and several VCC students, will hopefully persuade you. Watch as one lucky math student revels in intellectual glory after getting some invaluable feedback from his instructor while his less fortunate friend is doomed to the purgatory of feedbackless confusion.

View behind-the-scenes photographs here.

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Stupider Video


Arty Party

Hey, Moms: the kids are alright. They just need to dance sometimes! Fortunately, the faculty at Valencia understand this. Each Spring, therefore, the Humanities Department on East Campus helps us get in touch with our inner-Bacchus with their annual Arty Party. The ingredients? Pizza, high-fructose corn syrup, art, and, this year, some of that Rock n’ Roll.

In the first clip below, watch local ear-drum splitters Open Windows (whose lead guitarist, Mike Wheaton, is a former Valencia student and English consultant in our Academic Support Center) push those amps past 11—leading to some youthful abandon on the dance floor. The second clip includes an entire song by Open Windows: if we weren’t so old, we’d actually know the name of it.

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Arty Party Video

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Arty Song Video


Choosing a Career

It's a conundrum nearly every student at VCC faces at some point: Choosing a career. We know that the sooner students can figure out "what they wanna be when they grow up," the better able they'll be to navigate their educational and, ultimately, professional journey.

To help us really appreciate the anxiety that this looming decision can create, we solicited a student to help us out. Neil Bernard, a Film Production major, felt he could communicate what it's like to have to pick just one career out of so many possible choices. Neil wrote, directed, edited, and starred in the following video about having to choose a career and how visiting a career counseler (or even speaking with a faculty member) can often help. The IEC was happy to provide the equipment and some manual labor. We especially liked meeting Neil's parents (we now know where he gets those creative genes!).

A couple of behind-the-scenes pictues can be found here.

Wanna learn more about working with a career counselor? Click here and here. You won't regret it.

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Choices Video



Looking for trouble? Well, you found her. Meet Angel Resende, known among those brave souls lucky enough to be on her good side as "trouble" (you can ask her why: we don't want to make her mad!). Actually, Angel is as sweet as her real name suggests. She's also quite the technophile, especially when it comes to school. Angel is an enthusiastic user of learning technology, so we knew we could count on her to give us some insights into how using e-mail in her classes has helped her learn.

Read our interview with Angel here and see a couple of other pictures here.