Valencia educators will design learning opportunities that promote student life skills development while enhancing discipline learning.  Through intentional inclusion of growth-promoting strategies, instructors, counselors and librarians will facilitate the students’ reflection, knowledge, and appreciation for self and others; gradual assumption of responsibility for making informed decisions; and formulation and execution of their educational, career, and life plans.  As a result, students can transfer those life skills to continued learning and planning in their academic, personal, and professional endeavors.

Resources and Courses

  • Resources for LifeMap include professional literature, practical examples, and applications in diverse disciplines. 
  • Faculty development Courses are designed to expand your expertise in LifeMap.  All courses related to LifeMap begin with the prefix, LFMP. 
  • To search for the following LFMP course offerings click here. Please note:  Not all courses are offered every year.

Overview of LifeMap

Overview of LifeMap - Narrated Presentation


LFMP 2141 LifeMap
This seminar explores the philosophy and practice of LifeMap. The focus is on the value of incorporating LifeMap strategies in one’s practice to promote discipline learning while also promoting student life skills development. A key question is “How can my practice enhance students’ continued learning and planning in their academic, personal, and professional endeavors beyond my course?” Note: This course is part of the TLA Core Seminar series and open to all faculty.

LFMP 3340 Conceptual Frameworks of LifeMap
LifeMap is Valencia’s name for a developmental advising system designed to increase students’ social and academic integration, development of education and career plans, and the acquisition of study and life skills. LifeMap describes the ideal progression of a student in a five-stage model. This course provides the LifeMap conceptual framework including an in-depth review of the developmental theories on which LifeMap was created. Note: This course is required for the LifeMap Certification Program and must be taken first in the series of required courses.

LCTS 1110 Teaching in Our Learning College
This scenarios-based course introduces the Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator and provides faculty with tools and resources to become more effective, learning-centered instructors. Note: This course is required for the Associate Faculty Certification Program.

Other Topics



LFMP 3115 Designing an Effective Online Student Orientation
Getting students off on the right foot in an online class can mean the difference between success and failure. This workshop will engage participants in addressing the orientation needs of the virtual student. Participants will explore the essential elements and develop a plan for an effective online orientation. In addition, participants will review the resources in place at Valencia to help faculty provide a comprehensive student orientation. Note: This course is optional for Digital Professor Certification.

LFMP 3341 Advising is Teaching
This course will lay the foundation for participants to extend the professor-student relationship beyond the classroom into faculty advising. Using LifeMap tools and Ateaching-learning-academys resources, the participant will be able to guide students in using their learning skills in self-discovery and career exploration to build realistic academic and life plans. Participants will also be able to assist students in developing effective academic behaviors. Note: This course is required for the LifeMap Certification Program. Participants must successfully complete the required prerequisite, Conceptual Frameworks of LifeMap (LFMP3340), prior to enrolling in this course.

LFMP 3344 Infusing College Success Skills
Faculty from all disciplines who are committed to enhancing student learning will benefit from this interactive, project-based course. Participants will develop the knowledge and strategies to effectively infuse college success skills into student- learning experiences and will view examples from Valencia experts who successfully infuse these strategies. Note: This course is required for the LifeMap Certification Program.

LFMP 3345 Learning Support Services on Your Campus
This course is designed to help participants learn more about campus Learning Support Services available to students. This course will benefit faculty members from all disciplines. Note: This course is an elective course for the LifeMap Certification Program.

LFMP 3346 LifeMap Certificate Capstone: LifeMap Infusion Project
This LifeMap Certificate Capstone course is designed as the last course within the LifeMap Certification Program and involves the completion of a LifeMap Infusion Project. Participants will be asked to integrate what they learned about the LifeMap model, developmental advising, LifeMap Tools, and LifeMap College Success Skills into a learning opportunity for one of their courses. Participants will study LifeMap infusion examples and develop learning outcomes and assessments for their own discipline. The faculty will implement the project and assess results during the current term (participants must be teaching in the term registered for this course). Each faculty member will share the project and the results in implementation and student learning. Note: This course is required for the LifeMap Certification Program. Participants must successfully complete the following required prerequisites prior to enrolling in this course: Conceptual Frameworks of LifeMap (LFMP3340), Advising is Teaching (LFMP3341), Infusing College Success Skills (LFMP3344) and a minimum of 4 hours of LifeMap electives coursework.

LFMP 3347 Engaging Students Thru Mentorship
Mentorship is a vital and successful method to engage students. This course will help define mentorship in higher education, provide mentoring techniques, and include a discussion of incorporating mentorship in different fields. Note: This course is optional for the LifeMap Certification Program.

LFMP 3348 Continuous Assessment & Responsive Engagement (CARE) Strategies
Faculty will research and develop intervention strategies for struggling students that are grounded in continuous assessment and responsive engagement for the purpose of ensuring student learning. Participants in this course will employ best practices in the area of early alert to design and implement a CARE strategy in their course.
Note: This course is an elective for the LifeMap Certification Program.

LFMP 6340 Mentoring Students in Undergraduate Research
This course will provide the essential skills required to mentor honors students enrolled in the Undergraduate Research Track (IDH2912) course. Mentoring students in this track requires that the faculty member facilitate students in determining their research, establishing a research question, and conducting research specific to the mentor's own discipline. In addition, mentors will be responsible for guiding students in the presentation of their research in a formal setting in accordance with the guidelines set by that forum. Note: This is an optional course for the Seneff Faculty Development Program. This course is required for faculty mentoring students in the Honors Undergraduate Research Track who do not meet alternative credentialing.

One-to-One Consultations

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