Welcome to Teaching at Valencia College

Congratulations on becoming a faculty member at Valencia College! You will find everything you need to get started below. 

Enroll in Your New Faculty Institute

The New Faculty Institute (NFI) has three components:

  1. Online
  2. Onsite
  3. Scheduled visit with a member of the Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation (CTLI) on your campus 

Faculty who successfully complete all activities in the NFI will receive compensation. To get started, follow the steps below:

1. Activate Your VID

In order to gain access to the online component of the NFI, you will need to first activate your Valencia ID (VID) through the creation of your Atlas account. Atlas is the Valencia College intranet platform that contains faculty and employee resources. Review How to Set Up Your Atlas Account to complete the steps to create your VID.

2. Access Your Valencia Email

You will want to access email account, which is where you will be notified that you have access to the NFI online component. You can expect to see emails with your access to the online NFI course within business days from activating your Atlas account.

3. Select your New Faculty Institute Onsite Component

Your next step in the NFI is to sign up for a session of your onsite component. Your NFI experience consists of three components, totaling approximately 20 hours worth of work:

Online component dates: December 4-11, 2019

Onsite session dates and times: For the onsite component of this course, you may choose whichever option that best suits your schedule and location preference from the options below:

  1. West Campus (attend both days):
    • Thursday, December 12, 5:30pm-8:45pm
    • Friday, December 13, 5:30pm-8:45pm
  2. Osceola Campus:
    • Friday, December 13, 8:30am-4:00pm
  3. East Campus:
    • Saturday, December 14, 8:30am-4:00pm

4. Access Your Online Component

On the day the NFI online component begins, please visit Canvas and sign in with your Atlas credentials. For more information, follow these steps to access your courses and resources in Canvas. Please feel free to explore all the available online content prior to the course start date, and return daily to the course to participate.

5. Review the Resource Hub

You will have the chance to fully explore the NFI Resource Hub as part of your NFI online component, but information has been included at this stage in case it is helpful to overview course design resources, technology resources, student support, and Valencia culture.

Get Ready for Your New Faculty Institute Onsite Component

You registered for an onsite NFI component, and while the steps below aren’t required to be completed prior to this component, you'll want to have these completed before your first day of teaching:

1. Get your ID and parking tag

Please register your vehicle for a parking tag, visit campus for an employee ID, and obtain access to your classroom. Follow these steps to get started.

2. Get to Know Your Campus by taking a virtual tour

3. Approve Your Teaching Contract

Your department will send you an electronic contract to confirm the courses you will teach and the compensation you will receive. Depending on your role, you will complete a different area in Atlas. If you are part-time, use the FLAC system to approve your contract(s). If you are full-time, use the EPAF system to approve your contract(s).

4. Learn about Your Valencia Employment and Benefits

Valencia College is committed to providing employees with a competitive and comprehensive employment and benefits. Access the Valencia College Navigation Guide for helpful information such as college communications, safety, and security.

Contact Information

If you have any questions related to the New Faculty Institute, you can contact the Director of Faculty and Instructional Development for your campus:

Campus Director Name Email Address Phone Number

Osceola Campus

Lake Nona Campus

Poinciana Campus

Shara Lee




West Campus

Downtown Campus

Dori Haggerty




East Campus

Winter Park Campus

Sally Leslie