Inside Winter Park - A Path to Associate Faculty Certification for Winter Park Faculty

Earn your Associate Faculty Certification

Inside Winter Park is a program designed specifically for adjunct faculty and non-faculty, full-time staff on the Winter Park campus.


  • Earn the designation of Associate Faculty member.
  • Become part of a collaborative community made up of faculty members from your campus.
  • Get tools and training to help you meet the expectations for being a great teacher at Valencia.
  • Take advantage of support and resources specific to the Winter Park campus.
  • Receive a pay raise (please visit the Associate Faculty Certification webpage for more details).

Get Started Now

To earn the Associate Faculty Certificate, you will need to complete 60 hours of Faculty Development PD-awarding courses.

* LCTS1110 Teaching in Our Learning College30 PD Hours

This course introduces the Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator and provides faculty with tools and resources to become more effective, learning-centered instructors. Participants will develop a "My Development Plan" and learning-centered syllabus.

PRFC3371 Learning Partners: Developing Reflective Practitioners20 PD Hours

In this course, participants will have an opportunity to examine their current teaching strategies with a learning partner through mutual classroom observations, inform their ongoing learning-centered practice through a literature search, showcase their learner-centered approach through a classroom demonstration, and reflect upon their practice by considering multiple perspectives: self, student, and colleague.


Participants will select 12 PD hours of electives from the Faculty Development Catalog according to their "My Development Plan". These courses can be online, mixed-mode or face-to-face.

Suggested Courses:

  • ASMT2122: Classroom Assessment Techniques (10 PD Hours)
  • ASMT2227: Understanding and Designing Rubrics (5 PD Hours)
  • INDV3352: Exploring Strategies to Promote an Inclusive Learning Environment (20 PD Hours)
  • LCTS2111: Learning-centered Teaching Strategies (2 PD Hours)
  • LCTS2212: Engaging Lectures (2 PD Hours)
  • LCTS3211: Strategies for Academic Integrity (2 PD Hours)
  • PRFC2910: Creative Collaboration (2 PD Hours)