These pages contain the necessary information a candidate needs to design and develop the Analysis of My Practice (AMP) in year-1, which develops into the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) in year-2, and culminates in the Faculty Portfolio in year-3.



Developing Your ILP

Constructing an ILP Step-by-Step
 Cycle of Support
 Creating an ILP Instructions
Developing a Philosophy Statement
 ILP Submission Form
 FLO Approval Form (to be used only if one or more FLOs is deemed “not yet acceptable” by the ILP Panel)


Developing Your Portfolio

Model Portfolios A sample portfolio provides an example of the portfolio structure in a specific template. Model portfolios provide guidance on current standards of both structure and content.
Model Librarian Portfolio: Karene Best (OneNote Template)
 Model Business Portfolio: Cheri Cutter
 Model Counseling Portfolio: Jennifer Papoula
 Model Engineering Technology Portfolio: Radu Bunea
 Model English Portfolio: Angela Blewitt
Model Inclusion and Diversity (INDV) Projects
 Model English INDV: Rudy Darden
 Model English INDV: Aby Boumarate


Advanced Practice Plan and Final Portfolio To be completed by
 Advanced Practice Plan candidate
 Advanced Practice Plan Report dean
 Advanced Practice Reflection candidate
 Advanced Practice Reflection Report dean

Tenure Classes


Portfolio Overview

Portfolio Overview

Portfolio Overview Summary

Portfolio Overview Summary