Inclusion & Diversity

Competency Videos

Inclusion & Diversity: Kim Long pt1
Inclusion & Diversity: Kim Long pt2
Inclusion & Diversity: Kim Long pt3

Valencia educators will design learning opportunities that acknowledge, draw upon and are enriched by student diversity. Diversity has many dimensions, including sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, disability, cognitive style, skill level, age, religion, etc. An atmosphere of inclusion and understanding will be promoted in all learning environments. 

Performance Indicators:  Evidence of Learning

The faculty member will

  • design and support learning experiences that address students’ unique strengths and/or needs
  • diversify the curricular and/or co-curricular activities to increase the presence of historically underrepresented groups
  • use diverse perspectives to engage and deepen critical thinking
  • create a learning atmosphere with respect, understanding, and appreciation of individual and group differences
  • challenge students to identify and question their assumptions and consider how these affect, limit, and/or shape their viewpoints
  • ensure accessibility of course content in alignment with federal law and Valencia

*Note: diversity has many dimensions (culture, gender, race/ethnicity, socio-economic circumstances, learning styles, education background, skill level, etc.)

Indicators provide examples of how competencies can be demonstrated in an Individualized Learning Plan. While all Essential Competencies need to be demonstrated, only some  indicators need to be employed in the ILP process.

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