Professional Commitment

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Professional Commitment : Suzette Dohany

Valencia educators will stay current and continually improve their mastery of discipline/academic field, their excellence in pedagogy, and their active participation in the college's learning mission.

Performance Indicators: Evidence of Learning

The faculty member will

  • stay current in discipline/academic field (e.g., professional organizations, conferences, journals, reading in the discipline, field work or clinical experience, etc.)
  • contribute to discipline/academic field (e.g., publications, presentations at disciplinebased conference, poster sessions, writing articles, editing learning material, curriculum development, field work, sharing clinical experience, contributing to textbooks, sharing research with peers, etc.)
  • participate in faculty development programs, resources or classes, whether Valencia-based or external university/college-based
  • stay current with technological tools and/or platforms within discipline and at the college
  • engage in ongoing discourse surrounding division, campus, and college work (e.g., meetings, ongoing committees, work teams, task forces, “Big Meetings,” governing councils, etc.)
  • collaborate with peers both in and out of discipline/academic field (e.g., develop educational materials to be shared; participate in peer observation of teaching, mentoring programs, or learning partners, etc.)
  • engage in expanding and building institutional, programmatic and personal connections to the wider community (e.g., community involvement, service learning, civic engagement, board of [museums, hospital, etc.], partner K12 schools, student development leadership or activities, etc.)

Indicators provide examples of how competencies can be demonstrated in an Individualized Learning Plan. While all Essential Competencies need to be demonstrated, only some indicators need to be employed in the ILP process.

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