Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning: Bianca Rodriguez

Valencia educators will continuously examine the effectiveness of their teaching, counseling, librarianship and assessment methodologies in terms of student learning.  They also will keep abreast of the current scholarship in the fields of teaching and learning.

For tenure-track candidates, all indicators must be addressed to demonstrate this Essential Competency. An Action Research Project is an efficient method of demonstrating all indicators.

Performance Indicators: Evidence of Learning

The faculty member will

  • produce professional scholarly work (action research or traditional research related to teaching and learning, that meets the Valencia Standards of Scholarship
  • build upon the work of others (consult experts, colleagues, self, students)
  • be open to constructive critique (by both colleagues and students)
  • make professional scholarly work public to college and broader audiences through Valencia's research repository and other means
  • collect evidence of the relationship of SoTL to improved teaching and learning
  • demonstrate use of current teaching and learning theory & practice

Indicators provide examples of how the Essential Competencies can be demonstrated in an Individualized Learning Plan.

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