Learning-centered Teaching Strategies

Competency Videos

Learning-centered Teaching Strategies: Marcelle Cohen
Learning-centered Teaching Strategies: Rhonda Atkinson

Valencia educators will implement diverse teaching and learning strategies that promote active learning and that foster both acquisition and application of knowledge and understanding.

Performance Indicators: Evidence of Learning

The faculty member will:

  • employ strategies that engage students to become more active learners (e.g., reference interviews, counseling inquiry, engaging lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, scenarios, role-play, problem-based learning, inquirybased learning, manipulatives, etc.)
  • encourage students to challenge ideas and sources (e.g., debates, research critiques, reaction reports, etc.)
  • use cooperative/collaborative learning strategies (e.g., peer to peer review, team projects, think/pair/share, etc.)
  • incorporate concrete, real-life situations into learning activities
  • invite student input on their educational experience (e.g., choice among assignment topics, classroom assessment techniques, etc.)
  • employ methods that develop student understanding of discipline’s thinking, practice, and procedures
  • employ methods that increase the students’ academic literacy within the discipline or field (e.g., reading, writing, numeracy, technology skills, information literacy, etc.)

Indicators provide examples of how competencies can be demonstrated in an Individualized Learning Plan. While all Essential Competencies need to be demonstrated, only some indicators need to be employed in the ILP process.

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