Outcomes-based Practice

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Outcomes-based Practice: Carl Creasman
Outcomes-based Practice: Kourtney Baldwin

The Essential Competency areas of Outcomes-based Practice and Assessment work hand in hand, but they are not the same thing. Outcomes-based Practice is the process of identifying what the learner should be able to do as a direct result of teaching/learning activities. Effective assessment helps us measure the level at which students achieve these desired outcomes. Creating appropriate outcomes is a different area for study and practice, crucial in establishing expectations for students.

Valencia educators will design and implement learning activities that intentionally lead students towards mastery in the Student Core Competencies (Think, Value, Communicate, and Act) as well as the related course and program outcomes.

The key question is “What will students be able to do as a result of the instruction?”

Performance Indicators: Evidence of Learning

Tenure candidates demonstrating this competency must select at least one indicator that includes the student core competencies (Think, Value, Communicate, and Act).

The faculty member will

  • create a new, or revised, learning outcome for a unit, course or program that meets the criteria for learning outcomes (this performance indicator must be used in conjunction with at least one other Outcomes-based Practice indicator for demonstration in faculty portfolios)
  • align unit, course, and/or program outcomes with one or more student core competencies (Think, Value, Communicate & Act)
  • collect evidence of progress toward student achievement of unit, course, or program learning outcomes
  • sequence learning opportunities and assessments throughout units, courses, programs, and developmental advising to build student understanding and knowledge
  • help students understand their growth in the acquisition of student core competencies (Think, Value, Communicate & Act) and program learning outcomes
  • use evidence of student learning to review and improve units, courses, and programs (in classroom, counseling and library settings)
  • ensure that unit, course, and program learning outcomes are current and relevant for future academic work and/or vocational and employment opportunities.

Indicators provide examples of how competencies can be demonstrated in an Individualized Learning Plan. While all competencies need to be demonstrated, only some indicators need to be employed in the ILP process.

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