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  1. Title:How to Write a FLO
  2. Title:SLO
    Content:The SLO is written very similar to a FLO. Because a FLO statement must relate to student learning, a SLO is often incorporated into a FLO.
  3. Title:The Logic of Learning Outcomes
  4. Title:Cognitively Appropriate
    Content:All learning outcomes should be cognitively aligned with what the faculty wants to obtain.
  5. Title:FLO
    Content:Note the FLO includes an action verb for what the faulty will do followed by the result/trait/product. The result/trait/product must be related to student learning, including a cognitively appropriate verb for what the student will be able to do.
  6. Title:Chemistry Example
    Content:Note the FLO is not very specific. "The faculty will devise active learning opportunities.." Remember, faculty are still researching what works best within their discipline and teaching philosophy.
  7. Title:Counselor Example
    Content:Note the FLOs are related to student learning. Not only does the statement include what the faculty will do, but also what the student will learn. The result/trait/product always includes what the student will be able to do.
  8. Title:Librarian Example
    Content:Note the FLO is addressed in one sentence only.
  9. Title:Political Science Example
    Content:Note the verb choices in this example. The FLO should have an action verb that identifies desired cognitive level of faculty and student learning.

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