Would you like to renew your enthusiasm and vigor and have a new, fresh perspective on what your teach?

Then Focus on the Workplace is for you!

Employer Testimonial:

“This is a brilliant idea! Get the professors to submerge themselves in current industry issues and bring back to the college classroom
a wealth of common, current examples. The result is both education and industry wins. What a merger!”   Florida Hospital

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Focus on the Workplace video

Purpose of Program:

“Focus on the Workplace” is a unique professional development program that is designed to give full-time faculty the opportunity to step out of the realm of academia and observe, work and learn in an exciting business environment related to their field so they can learn more about workplace needs, trends and expectations. Faculty who have participated return to their classroom with renewed enthusiasm and vigor, and have a fresh new perspective on how they can use real world applications that better connect classroom learning to the workplace.

Benefits of Participating:

Focus on the Workplace is an excellent opportunity to...

  • Gain first-hand knowledge about the changing job market
  • Stay informed about current and expected workforce needs and trends
  • Be exposed to the latest technological advances related to your field or discipline
  • Learn first-hand, the skills students need to be successful and stay competitive in today's workplace
  • Get a different outlook and a new perspective on your role as an educator
  • Validate what you teach and do in the classroom
  • Discover real world applications that will enhance the teaching and learning in your classroom
  • Develop new, potential partnerships with the community

Who is Eligible to Participate?

  • Full-Time tenured or tenure-track faculty
  • Full-Time counselors
  • Full-Time professional staff
  • Full-Time educational and career advisors

When can I Participate?


  • Eligible and approved faculty are released from two 3-credit hour classes (6 credit hours) to work with an organization or business during the 1st 6 weeks of the summer (H1) at 35 hours/week; or during the Spring Term -- for 16 weeks - 2 days/week. We will pay for an adjunct to teach your two classes while you are in the workplace and will assist you in finding a work site.

    Most have found that the Summer Term is usually easier and better since you have the continuity of being there for six straight weeks. However, others have found the Spring Term to be preferable. It's whatever works best for you.

Counselors, Advisors & Professional Staff:

  • Counselors, Advisors & Professional Staff are released for 1 - 2 weeks (40 to 80 hours). You may participate anytime during the year at whatever time is most convenient for you -- just get your supervisor ’s/dean’s approval. You may also choose to split your time up and participate 2 days/week for 5 weeks if that works better for you.

How do I find a Work site?

The coordinator will work with you to find a work site that meets your expectations. However, it is helpful, if you already have some ideas of where you would like to work or have some specific places in mind. If you have any contacts or connections, please let us know. You may need to do some research or exploration on your own. You are welcomed to review our list of previous employers who have participated, or to suggest any new organizations or businesses that you are interested in.

How will I be Paid?

You will continue to be paid through your regular college contract, but NOT as an overload or supplemental activity. Through a special Perkins grant, we will pay for an adjunct to replace you in the classroom while you are in the workplace. There are, however, a limited number of spaces available. So the earlier you get your application in, the better chance you have of being selected to participate.

How do I Apply?

Discuss your interest in participating with your Dean as soon as possible so they can accommodate your release time in the department schedule. Once you have your Dean's approval, you will need to do the following:

  • Come up with some ideas or suggestions of where you would like to work
  • Complete a written narrative response defining the learning outcomes and benefits you envision as a result of your participation
  • Complete the Focus on the Workplace Application with your Dean's signature and approval
  • Update your Resume
  • Send to LeSena Jones by the required deadline

LeSena Jones, the Coordinator, will contact you regarding the next steps and assist you in locating a host work site.


At the end of your Focus on the Workplace experience, you will be asked to complete a written report sharing a summary of your workplace activities, what you learned, how it will help you to be a better educator, and how it will benefit your students. You will also be asked to share about your experience with other educators in department meetings and other College forums to help recruit future participants.