Why Should I Participate?

You will have the opportunity to learn more about:

  • the job market – what employers are looking for in today’s workers and the critical skills they will need to be successful in the future

  • “real world” applications that will improve the teaching and learning that takes
    place in your classroom

  • future trends and technological advances that are taking place in the workplace

  • employment opportunities and career paths available for students (from entry- level to upper-level positions)

  • the “soft skills” that organizations value most in their employees (how employees are expected to communicate, perform, and work together as a team)

Other Benefits of the Program:

  • increases your effectiveness as an educator by giving you first-hand knowledge and experience

  • enables you to build new partnerships with business and industry

  • validates what you teach and do in the classroom

  • gives you a new, fresh perspective

  • enables you to see your academic discipline first-hand in action

  • increases your ability to communicate business & industry needs and expectations to students and co-workers

  • gives employers an increased understanding of the role Valencia plays in workforce Development and measures taken by the College to prepare students for the workplace