Employer Testimonials

Testimonials and Insights from Employers who have Participated:

"Focus on the Workplace is a great program. We are pleased that Valencia is interested in bringing "real life" experience into the classroom."
Universal Studios

"Partnerships are based on mutual understanding. The experience not only broadened our understanding of each other's institution, it has opened the door for future collaborative projects based on our mutual goals."
Orlando Science Center

“Participating in Focus on the Workplace has given us unique insight from an academic perspective, while giving Valencia a better understanding of the needs and dynamics of today’s workplace.”
Progress Energy

“The partnership is great! Focus on the Workplace is structured to meet the needs of both the business and the educator with an understanding that both sides are committee to each other. I know of no other where the participant and the host company receive such mutual benefit.”
WKMG-TV Channel 6 

“This is a brilliant idea! Get the professor to submerge their self in current industry issues and bring back to the college classroom a wealth of common, current examples. The result is both education and industry wins. What a merger!”
Florida Hospital

“Focus on the Workplace is an excellent program! It gives new insight into the importance of connecting classroom theory with achieving successful outcomes in the workplace. ”
The Orlando Sentinel

“Focus on the Workplace is a great way to allow the corporate world to build better communication bridges with the academic world.”
Rosen Centre Hotel

“Valencia is to be commended for its proactive efforts to learn more about the requirements of today's workforce. Collaboration is essential in today's business environment, and we are very appreciative of the opportunity we had to form a reciprocal relationship with Valencia.”
Orange County Government