Faculty Testimonials

Testimonials and Insights from Faculty who have Participated:

"Focus on the Workplace is an excellent opportunity to see an academic discipline in action. I have personally participated in Focus on the Workplace several times over the last ten years and truly believe it is the best -- not to mention -- most exciting professional development opportunity provided to Valencia faculty."
Mark Guillette
Professor of Sociology, Osceola Campus

"Focus on the Workplace has been one of the most educational and beneficial experiences I have ever participated in! My experience at the Orlando Hyatt Grand Cypress has given me unique insight into the industry that I could never have seen from the outside. Everyone wants to know what is going on in today's industry. Now that I have had the opportunity to witness it first-hand, I have current, relative information that I can bring back to the classroom and share with my students. There is no question that my experience has helped me to become a better educator."
Jim Inglis
Professor of Hospitality, West Campus

"Why should you participate in Focus on the Workplace? Good question! It is a fantastic opportunity to leave the cocoon of your classroom and morph into an instructor with a clearer view of today's changing world. Through my experiences, I have gained new insight into the world of business that will greatly benefit and impact my students."
Teresa Nater
Professor of English

"This experience has allowed me to examine the business world from a different perspective and has given me a better understanding of the needs and dynamics of today's workplace. I would encourage all faculty to participate in this exciting and rewarding program."
Ron Colburn
Speech Professor, Osceola Campus

"Working with the Orlando Sentinel has been exciting and eye opening. I can't think of a better way to see the connection between the classroom and the workplace than through "Focus on the Workplace."
Helen Clarke
Professor of English/Communications, East Campus

"The knowledge and experiences that I have gained from my time at the county is invaluable and could not have been achieved over a three year period sitting in a classroom and reading textbooks."
Desmond Duncan, Jr.
Political Science Professor, West Campus

"Focus on the Workplace provided me with the opportunity to play a variety of active roles in the dynamic and demanding environment of the WKMG-TV Channel 6 newsroom. As a communications professor, this learning experience has given me great insight regarding the many communication styles that thrive in the work environment. Learning experiences in my classroom will now be enhanced by my integration of work skill applications in academic instruction, resulting in students who are better prepared for the realities of the workplace."
Bill Gombash
Speech Professor, East Campus

“My experience has been an invaluable learning experience that has given me a different outlook on my role as an educator and what I must do to help my students become better employees.”
Irene Lindgren
Foreign Language Professor, Osceola Campus

“The insights I gained will influence the material I teach, the methods of presenting that material and the type of projects I assign. I can’t wait to share what I have learned with my students.”
Mary Allen
Professor of Speech , East Campus

In many ways, it validated the approach I have taken in my classes. It also provided me with many ideas for ways to improve the teaching and learning that takes place in my classes.”
Michael Shugg
Theater & Entertainment Professor, East Campus

“Wow! Get your nose out of the books, role up your sleeves, and plunge in. What a great way to sharpen your skills, improve your courses, and increase your credibility at the same time!”
Jim Knapp
Biology Professor, East Campus

“The experience proved to me that the ability to continually improve and learn is necessary for success in any workplace!”
David Rogers
English Professor, Osceola Campus

“It was exciting to be able to work towards a goal with tangible results while gaining valuable insight into the types of skills workers of today must possess.”
Wendy Bush
Mathematics Professor, Osceola Campus