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Hot Classes - Spring 2019

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AMH 2010 21022United States History To 1877M            1000A - 1115ACarl CreasmanEC-008-148

Currently No Hot Classes for this Campus

Currently No Hot Classes for this Campus

Currently No Hot Classes for this Campus

HLP 2550C 23982Concepts of Personal Training  T   R      1130A - 1245PPam HodgesWC-001-129
PEL 1121 26695Golf I        F    0800A - 0945ADonald MoyerWC-001-150
PEM 1121C 25753Yoga  T   R      1200P - 1250PSubhas RampersaudWC-HSB-123
PEM 1121C 25754YogaM   W        1130A - 1220PSubhas RampersaudWC-HSB-123
PEM 1121C 25755YogaM   W        1000A - 1050ASubhas RampersaudWC-HSB-123
PEM 1131C 23988Strength Training I             - Ronald OwensWC-HSB-124
PEM 1171 25752Belly Dance Aerobics  T   R      1000A - 1050AMelanie LaJoieWC-HSB-123
PEM 1176C 27401Kickboxing 1M            0100P - 0245PEd SouzaWC-HSB-123
PEM 1405 23986Self Defense For Women    W        0700P - 0845PCalvin ThomasWC-HSB-123
PEM 1441 26694Karate I  T          0700P - 0845PTony IngramWC-HSB-123
PEM 2104C 25757Personal Fitness and WellnessM   W        1000A - 1115ARonald OwensWC-001-150
PEM 2104C 25758Personal Fitness and Wellness  T   R      1030A - 1145ARonald OwensWC-HSB-124
PEM 2104C 26020Personal Fitness and Wellness  T   R      0100P - 0300PPam HodgesWC-003-213
PEM 2163C 25756Zumba FitnessM   W        0530P - 0620PLorie CoachmanWC-HSB-123
PET 2622C 23983Care/Prev of Athletic InjuriesM            0530P - 0645PColleen RyanWC-011-217

BSC 1005 25855Biological Science      R      0100P - 0215PNadine DanielsWP-001-221
CET 2486C 27356Local Area Networks      R      0600P - 0830PWael YousifWP-001-134
CGS 2100C 27473Computer Fundamentals and Appl  T          0700P - 0915PJeff SoistmanWP-001-105
CNT 2417C 27355Identity Security  T          0600P - 0830PWael YousifWP-001-134
COP 1000C 27453Intro to Programming ConceptsM            0600P - 0845P STAFFWP-001-134
ENC 1101 21276Freshman Comp IM   W        0100P - 0215PBenjamin OhwovorioleWP-001-237
ENC 1102 22881Freshman Comp IIM   W        1130A - 1245PMaria TruyolWP-001-225
ENC 1102 25857Freshman Comp IIM   W        1000A - 1115AChris BorglumWP-001-143
ENC 1102 25858Freshman Comp II        F    0900A - 1145AChris BrownWP-001-114
ESC 1000 26495Earth Science    W        0700P - 0945PRick SnyderWP-001-112
EUH 2001 24988Modern Western Civ    W        1000A - 1115ASam HoekstraWP-001-107
GEB 1011 27472Introduction To Business  T          0100P - 0215PMarva PryorWP-001-113
HUM 1020 21089Intro To Humanities      R      0700P - 0945PSean PlatzerWP-001-242
HUM 2220 22788Hum Greek/RomanM   W        0100P - 0215PPaul ChapmanWP-001-242
HUM 2250 2586020th and 21st Century HUM  T   R      1130A - 1245PSean PlatzerWP-001-114
HUM 2310 24993Mythology  T   R      0830A - 0945APaul ChapmanWP-001-242
INR 2002 27229International Politics  T   R      1000A - 1115ABenjamin OhwovorioleWP-001-112
LIT 1000 23481Intro to Lit  T   R      0100P - 0215PChris BorglumWP-001-114
MAT 1033C 21110Intermediate Algebra  T   R      0230P - 0345PGenie MogollonWP-001-237
MAT 1033C 24519Intermediate Algebra      R      0515P - 0655PDiane BrownWP-001-114
MGF 1106 24590College MathematicsM   W        0700P - 0815PDouglas WoolleyWP-001-115
MGF 1106 23814College MathematicsM   W        1000A - 1115ADouglas WoolleyWP-001-106
PSY 2012 22407General Psychology      R      0830A - 0945ANate WebsterWP-001-237
SLS 1122 23835New Student ExperienceM   W        1000A - 1115ASharon MayWP-001-108
SLS 1122 23715New Student Experience  T          1000A - 1115ASharon MayWP-001-108
SLS 1122 24995New Student Experience  T   R      0830A - 0945AMarva PryorWP-001-108
SLS 1122 24613New Student Experience  T   R      0230P - 0425PChristy MullgravWP-001-108
SPC 1017 27055Interpersonal CommunicationM   W        1000A - 1115ASuzette AshtonWP-001-115
SPC 1608 22774Fundamentals of Speech  T   R      1130A - 1245PSuzette AshtonWP-001-115
STA 2023 25219Statistical Methods  T   R      1130A - 1245PUpasana SantraWP-001-112

Online Courses have no face-to-face sessions with the faculty member.

BSC 1005 23735Biological ScienceLeesa SwardONLINE
ENC 1102 25187Freshman Comp IIBenjamin OhwovorioleONLINE
EUH 2001 24922Modern Western CivPamela ForsytheONLINE
MAR 2011 21424Principles of MarketingMarva PryorONLINE
PSY 2012 23959General PsychologyKelley RogersONLINE